Burning with the Candle, Embodying Hope

I light a candle for those who feel as if they don’t belong…

I light a candle for those who are disconnected from nature….

I light a candle for the blame, the shame so many feel…

I light a candle for the past, for the present, for the future….

I light a candle in the darkness, with a prayer from my depths….

I light a candle quaking in the energy rippling through my body….

I light a candle for this place we live in now- for you, for me, for Us.

So tonight, I’m feeling it all with honour, with an open heart- connected and vulnerable.

I will sit with this candle, alight, burning- feel into if you will join me here.

All my love and hope,


Featured image by Arlissa Vaughn

Sacred Union For Radical Change

On my knees- heart open and spinning, tears in my eyes
Feeling so much….

I ask the energy I feel within and surrounding me:-
How can I serve from this place?
When all I have are my eyes, my hands, my voice, my body…
Something has to change!
I feel this is beyond me…
I surrender……

Infuse me with your grace….
Let me serve from this place.

So my ego cannot fathom the work that comes of our unity

Oh, let me surrender to this.

Let me birth this into the world…

Let me be humbled and reminded of my power in service

Let me serve from the highest place, from the deepest space of wisdom

Let divinity flow through and remove me from this:
Let my eyes be the eyes of divinity…..
Let my voice be the voice of divinity…
Let my hands be the hands of divinity….
Let my body be the body of divine love and grace….

I surrender this over. I open my channel- may you swirl your ancient wisdom

I ask for the courage to stand in truth.
Courage to Act on the inner knowings that tell me to ‘let go’.
Courage to allow sacredness to move how it wishes.
Courage to trust, stay open, supple and loving,
And serve from this place.  

For to stay in this world witnessing the lack of sacredness
And NOT step out of the way for the divine to flow through
Deeply hurts and is not living in my own truth-

To create space for a wave of radical change….

Author: Elise Heyward
Artist: Brenda Burke