Is it ‘Un Holy’ Poem (explicit Pluto channel)

Exposed for all to see
Truth cracks me open like an egg
The yoke of my heart ablaze
I am burning, burning, burning……..

Would it be ‘un holy’ to desire
Would it be ‘un holy’ to want to fuck?
Would it be ‘un holy’ to feel my skin standing up-
As if pleading for more of a delectable taste or touch…
Would it be ‘un holy’ to want to experience and explore in this world?
Would it be ‘un holy’ to actually live the life I wish to live?
Would it be ‘un holy’ to embody my desires, be truly aware of them?
Rather than to pretend they don’t exist and shove them back down again
This world can be so dry, so ‘pure’ in it’s piles of cowardice excrement
That the truth gets masked over
Gets watered down.
Get’s diluted so as to not shock, or alarm others,
To stay as a ‘good girl’.
To not ‘rock the boat’.
When truth rises to the surface, and it will….
When it detects the putrid stench of hiding
This is a time for raw, honest truth- or else it is in vain
And we fall back asleep again with a thousand woes.
To accept and surrender to who we really are,
What we really want,
Or to go on that path of finding out just what that is-
Without influence or conditioning placed upon us
Is perhaps the easiest translation of the ancient wisdom
Left for self realisation to know thyself intimately
And claim all parts left hidden in the shadows or underworld.

Featured sculpture by Goran Josic

You’re in a Marriage. You’ve Outgrown it. What do you do?

There are so many aspects to look at when you feel like you’ve outgrown your marriage. In this video, I explore the sign posts to step through to see if the relationship can begin again, or if it simply is not in the highest for either one of you. Use everything in your life to grow, to know thyself. Please don’t throw this opportunity away to learn more about yourself and what aligns and what doesn’t.

With the Sound of Music song wafting into my mind- “Climb every mountain, board every stream, follow every rainbow….” makes me feel that perhaps it’s best to get your learnings from your husband/ wife now, then to continue the patterns with someone else? If, of course, both are prepared to a certain extent to do this.

Please have a watch of my latest YouTube Video on my brand new channel: ‘Spiritual Growth and Motherhood’.

With all my love and hope,

Captivity of the Physical is Opening to the Freedom of the Soul

It’s Time to Surrender to What Is…

It is choice to be in captivity. No one, and nothing, can prevent the unravelling of truth from deeply within each person. There is a beautiful service that is happening all over the world- being on lock down. Having people confined within their homes…. what would happen if the individuals would start to look for that ‘something else’. TV isn’t filling the void. Food is simply making you feel crappy…. what is left? The beautiful combination of moving the body (form) with exercise and walking and connecting to the deeper parts within us that are screaming at us- our souls (the formless). This is the time we are finding ourselves in. These are the precious moments to learn more about ourselves, rather than not having time.

These are the times where we get to watch the priorities shift in our lives. What’s left when our job is taken away? What’s left when our relationship crumbles? What’s left when we can’t go on shopping sprees? What’s left when we can’t see our friends and loved ones because of the lock down? What’s left when we can’t make rent/ mortgage repayments? What’s left when we stop? Here’s what’s there, and always was there- we just didn’t have time or space to feel into it before…. but it’s the truth of human existence. It’s the connection to that something deeper within. It’s that ability to have the space to feel your spirit or Shakti or natural flow of energy running within you. AND the connection of that which has always been there- the soul or divinity coursing within you.

It’s the undeniable fact that life- as you knew it is dead. AND YET- you are still here…. is it possible we had it all wrong? Is there more to life than being born, making money, having kids, and dying?? Hell YES! And on that note, everything within that way of finding a made up ‘stability and safe way of living’ needs to be looked at as well. Why? Why get married? Why live the way we always have within our family? Why date the way I did before? Why date at all? Why be so like before this outbreak of corona virus when we can renew, find a new rhythm, go through a new season within our lives? Why not? What’s good enough for nature is good enough for ALL life within it. Humans are NO exception. We just tried to escape it and control natural forces, bringers of change. It’s time for the death of arrogance and playing god, and it’s time for surrendering to what is….

With Love,

Art by Alisha Lee Jeffers