Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

Let go…. let go into the night sky No different from the expanse of the ocean…. Somewhere between the two, In the space where the ocean and sky meet Is where we rebirth- you and me… Floating with both above and below The invitation on the swell of the ocean And the touch of the … Continue reading Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

You present yourself with gorgeous, deep roots- Plump, pulsing with life and maze-like Still within the package, clear and holding You sit contained- unaware, naive… I am entrusted to cut the end- Pull you through and into this world It’s as if you take your first breath…. Your roots entwine upon themselves I gently, so … Continue reading As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

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