The Guiding Truth: How do you Face It?

“You cannot let life break you. Instead let it build you….” Caroline Myss   Truth is there. Unbridled and resting within our core.Truth is there. For those with the courage to see it, to feel it, to embody it…Truth is there. For everyone to listen to, to open to, to trust….Truth is there. Though not … Continue reading The Guiding Truth: How do you Face It?

Dance of Life

Touch me Not with your hand, But with your soul… Enter the deep vortexes Beyond your mind Breathe into timelessness The body?- Surrendered in osmosis Feeling energy Swirling and moving A mixture of dark and light….. Patterns and colours…. Penetrate my barriers Take me back to myself Permeate beyond my body Remind me of my … Continue reading Dance of Life

Spiritual Growth in Soul Connections

Breathe deeply inwards Close your eyes, Don’t you feel me? Oh, roll into it, fall into it…. Let your body and mind fall into your soul…. Feel the soul connection to Self and Others There truly is no difference… Here gloriously to remind us of the truth Taking us deeper into our souls Deeper into … Continue reading Spiritual Growth in Soul Connections

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