Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

Let go…. let go into the night sky No different from the expanse of the ocean…. Somewhere between the two, In the space where the ocean and sky meet Is where we rebirth- you and me… Floating with both above and below The invitation on the swell of the ocean And the touch of the … Continue reading Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

You are a Powerful Woman

So you have more cellulite and carry more weight than before, and your skin may be losing its elasticity and wrinkles may form. Your eyes may be sunken and bags beneath your eyes become darker. And outer influences pressure you on how you should look, parent, and be in relationship… How a woman should look … Continue reading You are a Powerful Woman

You’re in a Marriage. You’ve Outgrown it. What do you do?

There are so many aspects to look at when you feel like you’ve outgrown your marriage. In this video, I explore the sign posts to step through to see if the relationship can begin again, or if it simply is not in the highest for either one of you. Use everything in your life to … Continue reading You’re in a Marriage. You’ve Outgrown it. What do you do?

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