More… So Much More…

We find ourselves in a time of looking beyond…. beyond what we previously knew, what we previously could have even perceived or imagined. This is the beautiful beginning of the time when we are humbled, when we become aware of greater cycles beyond that which our personal short existence can tell us. We are entering … Continue reading More… So Much More…

Reclaiming the Integrity of Being a ‘Witch’

Something to ponder…. What is a ‘witch’? Where is the truth in this? Is it supposed to LOOK a certain way? BE a certain way? Is a witch not simply a woman living in her authenticity, living fully, HER OWN WAY? A woman who disregards the ‘rules’ and obligations of the society in which she … Continue reading Reclaiming the Integrity of Being a ‘Witch’

Sacred Union For Radical Change

On my knees- heart open and spinning, tears in my eyesFeeling so much…. I ask the energy I feel within and surrounding me:-How can I serve from this place?When all I have are my eyes, my hands, my voice, my body…Something has to change!I feel this is beyond me…I surrender…… Infuse me with your grace…. … Continue reading Sacred Union For Radical Change

The Warrioress

The Warrioress   Coming from a place of divinity, The Warrioress is here to be claimed. Deeply honouring and protecting our worldly natural rhythms With fierce love, grace and passion. She will not be corrupted, nor manipulated. Standing as a tall tree, bending and moving in the blowing gale.  Rooted. With the faith that what … Continue reading The Warrioress

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