A Message of Hope

You ever get that feeling that there is more to life than what is perceived? It’s brilliant to get reminders that there is so much more than just you being in isolation, being here alone on this crazy island in space we call earth. There is so much more beyond what our little brains comprehend. … Continue reading A Message of Hope

Sacred Union For Radical Change

On my knees- heart open and spinning, tears in my eyesFeeling so much…. I ask the energy I feel within and surrounding me:-How can I serve from this place?When all I have are my eyes, my hands, my voice, my body…Something has to change!I feel this is beyond me…I surrender…… Infuse me with your grace…. … Continue reading Sacred Union For Radical Change

I Give Myself Over

I give myself over…. If I am to feel in love in a moment,  A day, a month, A lifetime… With a heart so open and vulnerable Then let it be so If I am to have my heart break and reform continuously Then let it be so If I am to let go of … Continue reading I Give Myself Over

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