Never Ever Alone (poem)

I yearn for the sweet, crisp wind blowing in my face,
The long dry grass tickling my legs,
The fresh flowers beautifying my gaze,
The scent of the flowers intoxicating my senses
I yearn for deep connected conversation
As I sprawl over pillows on the floor-
Relaxed and open and ignited by soul connection
With dear friends and truth filled words
I yearn for the fire to flare in my body 
To burn and dissolve all that I thought myself to be
To entrance me in my dance and my inner gaze
My movement and simultaneous stillness
In that space where there is no separation
Between what is perceived as opposites
Oh, going into the depths of ecstasy
Of opened surrender and movement, of dance…
Deliciously gyrating, and letting go, letting go, letting go…
I yearn to move with others in sacred ancient connection.
And simultaneously to be aware of my depth, witnessing and still.
For those of us who have touched such moments
Are changed forever and left parched dry
For the fluidity of another gathering,
being beautifully vulnerable, supported and
held in unconditional love and humbled in truth.
Traversing the realms and timelessness,
Embodying truth and living it in our lives.
Having a sense of belonging in this crazy world.
Connected, we rise and fall in the life we each lead…
But never, never are we ever alone. 

Let Go- Be Still and Feel it All (poem)

Floating yet grounded,
Being touched deeply within
Yet not at all
Beauty caresses and engulfs me
As I stand exactly where I am
In a time warp of entangled time
Tapping into desires unmet
Truth stabbing into my being
Like a long lost lover
From a long lost dream….
Twisting and turning,
Haunting me like a solo violin
Cutting through the thick air-
Of excitement, anticipation and fear….
A whisper echoes, traces of something
A scent left lingering
The energy felt
An inner stirring of a life once known
A deep remembering, a knowing
Rising to the surface
Wisdom speaks and says ‘be patient’
And so, I sit. I breathe this fire
Up and down and around my body
Igniting and fuelling every crevice
I am alone- yet intimately connected
Truth lies in timelessness-
In the gentle reminder
All will be revealed in time
Or perhaps not at all-
Let go:-
Be still, and feel….
Be still and feel…..
Be still and feel…..

Honouring Resting and Recharging as Much as Action

Sometimes we’ve had a spell of inspired flow, or action. It’s amazing when that happens. Something to keep in mind so that we don’t push ourselves to ‘stay with it’ when clearly we need to rest, is to firstly look at the way we are judging ourselves in this time. Is there a thought that says ‘I should be doing something?’ Because that is a conditioned thought that is needed to be broken in order to realise that looking after Self and caring is ‘doing’ something. It’s honouring the rest that your body and mind need. It’s being kind to yourself. It’s honouring the natural flow in your world. The stream may be trickling instead of flowing, which is fine, too. There must be a winter as well as a summer. Whatever it is, please honour whatever your body is yearning right now.

With so much love,

Boundaries and the Need to Set Them

Boundaries have never been more important than now to put into place. When putting boundaries into place, it’s important to have an awareness of how you are feeling, and consider what it is you need for yourself in that moment. If you are doing this for yourself and it is a genuine need, or if there is a closed off feeling against the other person you are setting a boundary against, meaning there could be a soul lesson underneath. Most times we are yearning to have time to Self, without having any other influence coming into us. This can be tricky. There is a way to start, though, and gain more clarity in the type of boundaries you need to set, and whether they truly need to be set at all. First of all, we need to make ourselves a priority. Really simple practices in the physical can aide us in understanding ourselves and what we truly need for ourselves.

1. Looking less at your phone. Not making it the first thing you look at of a morning, and the last thing you look at before going to bed at night. The repercussions are huge. Creating a time when you look at your emails and social media after opening up time for self means that you maintain a healthier you, a stronger you. A nurtured you. Schedule it in, you’ll thank yourself for it after a week of doing this.

2. Schedule in time to work and time to play surrounding yourself first. Open up to others when you feel connected to yourself. Reminder: To the Mothers out there: This can be done (mother of two boys here), there needs to be a bit more structure.

3. Use an analogue watch for a while to limit the distractions and if you use a phone to tell you the time, then it limits the chance of going into the vortex of social media when it wasn’t your intention to do so.

4. Being present with yourself. Is there someone who is taking up your thoughts? Sit with that and create some time to allow some meditation in relation to this. Do not feel pushed to reply straight away. Do it in your own time, with a response rather than a reaction as we can also do if triggered. There are some great mindfulness meditations, as well as inquiry meditations out there which help this. By taking your time, and discovering what lies underneath the energy and the need to create healthy boundaries so that you stop giving your power away to others.

A late massive change in my life that has created more time for me, more ability to check in with myself and how I am feeling, and less of what others are thinking, or trying to contact me, is that I started wearing an analogue watch, instead of using the phone to tell the time. I had put my phone on silent to not be interrupted, however when I checked the time it was too easy for me to enter the world of the internet, Facebook, Instagram, and responding to messenger messages.

Where is your attention wavering? What are you giving your attention to? Where do you take it from yourself? People pleasing is a shadow behind answering a message to someone who you may not want to communicate with right now, however feel the need to because they reached out to you. This has happened recently to me, and I sat and asked in meditation and reflection and the answer was given- boundaries. So, considering the universal law of what is in one is in the whole, I figured I wasn’t alone in the lesson.

Boundaries can be about making small changes to create more space and time to be with yourself and within your own energetics. Another aspect that helps to create healthy boundaries is really to communicate what you need. Then enact the boundary. That way everyone is on the same page and it is beyond the physical act itself- there is an explained reason for doing so.

Tea as a way to Hold us, to Bring Awareness to Ourselves, to Connect us to Our Timeless Wisdom

This is a podcast that I decided to turn into a live on my Facebook page Timeless Tea as I was broadcasting. Please do join this page if you haven’t already! I couldn’t not speak about the importance of using this as a tool to deepen into ourselves despite the chaos. I hope this serves in some way… 

Sending so much love,

Snake Goddess, Serpent Wisdom and a Time to Get rid of our Fear

This was initially recorded in my small Facebook group as a Live. In it I retell a story of my childhood with snakes. It goes into now is the time for serpent wisdom- and we can choose to open to it, or to remain as we are. It is unfortunate that our culture is in fear of snakes and teachings from it. They are symbolic of the mystical kundalini experience we can have. They are symbolic of the ancient feminine. They are symbolic of our senses beyond the 5 we typically use. Both ancient and mystical- they hold so much of the unknown within them. Perhaps a little more curiosity, rather than fear could be applied to these animals….

May this serve in some way…

Thank you so much for listening, my friends.

With love,


The image comes from the preserved ancient city of Pompeii