The River and Her Divine Flow (poem)

The river has her banks filled to the brimIt skirts the rocks and land formationsShe moves and turns….Rises and flows…As the banks attempt to contain her,Holding firm as she caresses the sides,Writhing, rising, gently massagingUntil the banks, firm and containedBegin to crack and falter…The foundations crumbleAs the river claims her expanded formDancing, moving in her … Continue reading The River and Her Divine Flow (poem)

Saturate Me Again and Again

I am already soaked through to the bone from tending my garden,Tending to my weeds and exploring my inner plants…I implore you to saturate me to my core That I may feel my pulsing energy from withinSo that I may be immersed in the gloriousConnection and reunion with you…Again and again and againOf this I … Continue reading Saturate Me Again and Again

A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

I am awakened once more from my slumber with the Gods It’s not the desire of the fleshly meeting, no… Nor is it attempting to satiate the insatiable- Which lingers as long as I shall have breath in my body, Song in my throat, a beating heart and spirit in my eyes… I surrender….. I … Continue reading A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

Balancing and Merging with the Mystic Within

To be whisked away in the moment, to have a breath paused- hanging in the air- merging with the air surrounding Indecipherable: Where does our breath end and the air around us begin? All merged, all as one, connected beyond the mind Energy flows like the breath… One energetic hologram moves through, and over another … Continue reading Balancing and Merging with the Mystic Within

The Time of the Priestesses

The Time of the Priestesses Searing hot truth spreading like lava through her body. She refuses to squeeze into that which She once did. She knows deeply within She restricted Herself, restricted truth….No more! No more…. She cannot satiate the desires that lay deep within, once dormant now thrashing, and rising and circulating- all while … Continue reading The Time of the Priestesses

It is Time for a Re-Birth

When it has me on my knees, begging for mercy When my life is completely ripped apart When I have nothing left to cling to There is nowhere left to look but within. This is the beginning of the most beautiful love affair- To meet myself in my yearning. To meet myself in my power- … Continue reading It is Time for a Re-Birth

Honouring Soul Contract Endings

It’s nice to speak of energetic soul contract beginnings…. but the endings are an interesting aspect to examine. It’s time to speak of lessons learnt, expired contracts and how to work with getting to your inner truth in this … It’s a fascinating topic- soul contracts. They may not necessarily be ‘forever’. Lessons are learnt. … Continue reading Honouring Soul Contract Endings

Dance of Life

Touch me Not with your hand, But with your soul… Enter the deep vortexes Beyond your mind Breathe into timelessness The body?- Surrendered in osmosis Feeling energy Swirling and moving A mixture of dark and light….. Patterns and colours…. Penetrate my barriers Take me back to myself Permeate beyond my body Remind me of my … Continue reading Dance of Life

The Transmutation of the Shadows Within

What a gift it is to be aware of our shadows, our parts of Self we feel we need to hide or suppress…. The call is here. Seek the answer within. Do it with vigilance. Do it with integrity. Do it for yourself….. This takes so much courage to see those areas of yourself you … Continue reading The Transmutation of the Shadows Within

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