A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

I am awakened once more from my slumber with the Gods
It’s not the desire of the fleshly meeting, no…
Nor is it attempting to satiate the insatiable-
Which lingers as long as I shall have breath in my body,
Song in my throat, a beating heart and spirit in my eyes…
I surrender…..
I surrender…..
I surrender…..
Clean all parts of me that thinks it knows,
Replace it with the innocent curiosity of a child….
I surrender to that part of me that cannot be satiated-
That part that yearns more than anything for the most sacred union
Taking me beyond yet being within my own body more than ever
Allowing connection so deeply: Merging, infusing, creating…
Strong and true in my own being, whole within myself-
My practice, my creativity, my holding, my truth, my embodiment
Yet knowing this to be also in other-
For we are all connected, all part of the All.
I open to all that will come my way, all in the sacred unfolding
And so I continue the practice of union within Self-
Merging two opposites, surrendering, allowing and being in presence.
A deepening of love, of faith, of connection to the ALL
From here let me live….

Feminine Sexual Energy and Trusting the Expression of it in the World!

Here’s my new podcast. Please do have a listen if it resonates. Key is to learn to trust the divine feminine shakti running through us- discussing why it’s so important to have our own divine masculine to rise to aid in our authentic expression of the feminine out in the world. So much healing, divinity and restored equal divine love can come of this trust and expression of the feminine- both within and also we will see it start to change around us as well. It’s time to step up.

Here’s the link:

Art featured: Elna Ray