Saturate Me Again and Again

I am already soaked through to the bone from tending my garden,Tending to my weeds and exploring my inner plants…I implore you to saturate me to my core That I may feel my pulsing energy from withinSo that I may be immersed in the gloriousConnection and reunion with you…Again and again and againOf this I … Continue reading Saturate Me Again and Again

A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

I am awakened once more from my slumber with the Gods It’s not the desire of the fleshly meeting, no… Nor is it attempting to satiate the insatiable- Which lingers as long as I shall have breath in my body, Song in my throat, a beating heart and spirit in my eyes… I surrender….. I … Continue reading A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

Connecting in Times of Uncertainty

I want to say thank you… Thank you to the clean masculine sacredly holding right now. Meditating, loving, holding, embracing the changing instead of bracing in the change. Defying the fear rhythm that is descending upon the world, and sitting courageously in this, holding, trusting, feeling but not moving- praying for the feminine to rise … Continue reading Connecting in Times of Uncertainty

For Now, I am my Own Lover

Oh, where is my muse? I whispered to myself. This is the first time I have been without a yearning for a specified other. No crush. No flirtation. No relationship. ‘Yourself’ whispered back my inner self. And so, I go on a quest deeply into myself so that there is no separation. I turn into … Continue reading For Now, I am my Own Lover

Spiritual Growth in Soul Connections

Breathe deeply inwards Close your eyes, Don’t you feel me? Oh, roll into it, fall into it…. Let your body and mind fall into your soul…. Feel the soul connection to Self and Others There truly is no difference… Here gloriously to remind us of the truth Taking us deeper into our souls Deeper into … Continue reading Spiritual Growth in Soul Connections

I Am Not Alone…

Oh, let me feel this fire burn in my body once more…. Let me feel my own heat rise within…. Electrifying all of me as I move in sacred rhythm With My soul… Breathing the fire from the buried depths I open, I surrender… My body flows and moves Some pain arrives and goes, I … Continue reading I Am Not Alone…

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