Connecting in Times of Uncertainty

I want to say thank you…

Thank you to the clean masculine sacredly holding right now.

Meditating, loving, holding, embracing the changing instead of bracing in the change. Defying the fear rhythm that is descending upon the world, and sitting courageously in this, holding, trusting, feeling but not moving- praying for the feminine to rise to come and meet him. Lighting a candle for her to see her way, seeing through his intuitional eye, feeling with his open- still cool body, awaiting for the change she will bring. The change she must bring. The birth she is labouring through. He hears her screams of pain, feels her anger of war cries, tastes her blood and sweat as she claws herself free. Emotions swell in him and drip down his face, still he holds and stays open….. She has been imprisoned for too long, separated from him for too long.
He hears the inner call as she settles and purifies in her juices. He feels everything she has gone through in his stillness. He recounts all of her struggles, all of her pain, and the repression. Summoning all of his courage he stays, open. Feeling his breath, following his breath as it takes him into her, deeper into her… knowing this part of himself that has been separated for so long from him, his heart is blasted open with grief and simultaneous happiness at the union. One cannot survive without the other. It is a lonely desert within the mind without the flow and magic of the feminine, and it is a long lost dream, a figure of imagination too liquid and light to be brought into the physical to exist without the masculine. But when there is space…. Sweet, sweet space within the masculine, there is hope. When there is courage to be seen within the sacred feminine there is hope. Together, a hope is birthed, unbreakable and world changing. Together we must rise, encourage and love…. Within each one of us, put to rest the battle. Lay down your protective arms and your heated anger. Surrender over your fears and terrors…. It’s time to unite. Come back home….

Featured image by sacredgeometryartshop.

Sacred Union- As the Path Back to Soul

Sacred union is not something to be attained, it is something to be surrendered into. It describes the meeting of two opposites. The merging of dichotomy. And, for many it is the merciless path of the unknown, where energy becomes your master and lover, unlocking a passion for the sacred mysteries, a compass, and the only truth in which to live by. Serving the light, there are no guide posts in a one size fits all type of function. We are all so different. This brings me to a couple of points I am pondering: 1. How am I helping myself to serve the light? And 2. How am I helping others to shine their light? This is not a cheesy love and light message. This is a message that rumbles from the depths of the underworld, sends quakes and cracks up to your life, which is now being made visible. Areas ready to shift, pregnant with change and ready to birth the new. Where can you shed more light? In other words- where can you be more conscious? Where can you discover more about yourself, where can you hold more courage in light of being in the uncomfortable, about ingrained patterns, or woundings you didn’t know or see before. It is THIS which is the study. The practices are ways to work around the mind. But, there comes a time when we must connect to our inner being. The wise parts of ourselves without logic or reason. From here, we are preparing to enter the realm of sacred union.

For me, I love writing. I love letting energy flow through my entire body and out through my fingertips as I not so delicately typed on my keyboard. I feel this as sacred union. I sit, feeling my whole body, being present, opening and allowing…. then I get bursts of inspiration flooding my system and I can’t keep up with the words to be typed. Where these words come from, I know not. This is an example of allowing myself to merge with the unknown… If I didn’t allow space and time for this to happen, I wouldn’t be writing, or feeling connected. I have little control over what comes through, In fact I have none at all- only if I choose to edit should pieces of my ego flood into the words. So, often I do not edit. I like it raw, authentic, imperfect to the human eye. It is, after all a rough translation of the vibrational melody and rhythm I feel when I type. A connection to something else beyond… To me, that’s sacred union. Now, apply this to being with a person. Relinquishing control. Trusting the energy and where or how it moves you. Letting go of how it should look. Accepting Self and Other. Feeling connected to Self and loving Self opens the door to accepting love from others.

So, when two people come together ready to meet, and by that I mean meet intimately, energetically. The body comes with ease after the raw meeting of the energy and soul. It’s the surrender over to the soul or energy of the other person, the God in the other person where the two opposites merge. The brain cannot access thoughts, cannot access techniques which worked before, or whatever else goes on in the brain before sex. Instead an openness to what is present is felt. Acceptance of Self and expression of self flows beautifully and rhythmically… both meeting in the centre becomes a beautiful composition of music, unique and flowing with the two people who are making love. Where the universe opens and freedom in love and connection begins. The connection that runs through is the same space needed for creativity. It’s the God vibration. It’s timeless, embodied and a beautiful experience to have when both people are surrendered to both of each others highest and to the highest in all. I feel this in my bones that when two people meet from this place it’s healing not just each other, but if they merge with a shared prayer they hold in their hearts, when the energy of God merges within them and infuses with what’s in their hearts then it benefits the whole in that prayer. We become the embodiment of the prayer, connected to the divine source, and in service to the timeless, formless aspect of the other WITHIN the union of flesh. Re-writing thousands of years of shame and guilt for union in the flesh beyond the procreation entitlement. Beyond…. just far, far beyond…

Some people explain tantra as shadow work, and it’s true. But to truely practice and honour the energy here, we must also worship the light and connection present. We can’t let go into connection without doing the shadow work, and we must keep checking in with Self to ensure we are staying in alignment. It’s the merging of all opposites- both macro and micro level. It’s the study of Self and the willingness to openly learn more (keeping pride or embarrassment or any other emotion in sight) through union with another who is also doing the work on Self. It’s beyond body yearnings. It’s beyond all thoughts. It’s beyond your perception of who you might think is a perfect partner suit for you. It’s the playing out of divine timing and sacred contracts. It’s aligned with the ancient mystical laws. It’s making music that nourishes, nurtures and heals- creating a balm source of hope for humanity. For me, it’s the only way.

Featured image by David Heskin

Honouring Soul Contract Endings

It’s nice to speak of energetic soul contract beginnings…. but the endings are an interesting aspect to examine.

It’s time to speak of lessons learnt, expired contracts and how to work with getting to your inner truth in this …

It’s a fascinating topic- soul contracts. They may not necessarily be ‘forever’. Lessons are learnt. Soul contracts are there to do the ultimate- lead you back to Self with lesson/s, or a slice of wisdom to be learnt. Once that is fulfilled, there may be a dramatic drop in energetic connection between you and the person you had an intense energetic connection with. You may be left bewildered. You may try to force a re-connection…. but the truth of the energy speaks louder than words. It could evolve into a different relationship. Or you may not feel the need to re-connect at all. Whatever the situation, you’d be best to follow the energy within your body and dive deeply into your own truth- your inner wise knowing. For the lessons may already be learnt, and new ones ‘waiting around the corner’……

Knowing how you stand in this is a beautiful and important thing. Finding inner truth is paramount. To tell if there is a defense tactic- another pattern playing out, or fear of some sort, there’s an awesome set of reflective questions to do to feel into truth in this situation! But first, take three deep breaths- still yourself. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. Let the breath expand you as you breathe in and as you breathe out relax into yourself, dropping your awareness from your head down through the heart and resting on your dan-tien/ womb space.
Notice the questions rely on ‘feel’ rather than thought. This is a really cool practice to drop from the brain and into the body which is integral for accessing that deep inner knowing- that wise place within.

Feel into the following questions:-

1. Did I get ‘triggered’ or upset by the person, and not dealing with it very well?
2. Did I put up walls?
3. Am I in fear of something?
4. Is there a pattern existing that I couldn’t consciously see before?
5. Do I need to act on that pattern by exiting the relationship/ friendship/ contract?
5. Is there something in me that I am being shown about a previous soul contract and how I reacted- witnessing a pattern?
6. Am I protecting myself?
7. How does it feel in my body to not be in contact with this person who is/ was a soul contract?
8. Does it feel like I can no longer learn in this contract?
9. Do I feel restricted/ limited in this contract?
10. Do I feel empowered and free in this contract?

One angle of working to enhance living our lives in a more conscious way is within sacred soul contracts. It is an awesome way to look into a pattern or unconscious thing we continually do, and purposely look into that part of Self to work to transform it. And once one person has stopped playing that matching pattern (mirror) which is a wounding or unconscious part within Self, the intensity between the two may dramatically decrease, and soul magnetism stops. The other may choose to transform or to remain the same. If transformation occurs in that person than energetic connection may be restored. If not, there’s a strong possibility that the contract has expired.

This is the time to go deeply within to explore where you stand within yourself. There’s a call from the depths and heights asking for more maturity when working within sacred contracts- enjoy them, but recognise what they are and the divinely lead connection that exists. Alignment and trust in the inner knowings strengthen when surrendered to universal truths. If you are able to feel your truth, there’s a deep beauty to be able to ‘Let go, and let god’ in true connection and rhythm with the universe without unhealthy attachments.

Sending Love,

Art by Alisha Lee Jeffers