Saturate Me Again and Again

I am already soaked through to the bone from tending my garden,Tending to my weeds and exploring my inner plants…I implore you to saturate me to my core That I may feel my pulsing energy from withinSo that I may be immersed in the gloriousConnection and reunion with you…Again and again and againOf this I … Continue reading Saturate Me Again and Again

Mars Energy- A Time to Reclaim

There’s no denying blame on this energy for many atrocities in the world. And rightly so…. The feminine wisdom has all but been wiped out- now there’s a resurgence. But, where does that leave the Mars energy within both Men and Women? There‚Äôs another aspect of Mars that is golden. That is pure. That lies … Continue reading Mars Energy- A Time to Reclaim

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