The Expansive Undercurrent to the Soul Path

It is a misconception that the spiritual path is only for those who are ‘gifted’, those who are crystal children. Those who want to be like monks and live in caves. Those who do yoga. Those who meditate. Those who practice Reiki. Those who travel in the ethers. Let’s be serious. The spiritual path firstly … Continue reading The Expansive Undercurrent to the Soul Path

The Divinity of Passion

Sovereignty and Reclaiming our Sexual Energy Don’t hide or numb that delicious shakti from the world. Let it burn, burn, burn…. Let it rise upwards within your body. Let it fuel your blood, let it feed your essence, let it charge your awakening- your rewiring of your very DNA. Surrender to that wild, natural, boundless … Continue reading The Divinity of Passion

The Warrioress

The Warrioress   Coming from a place of divinity, The Warrioress is here to be claimed. Deeply honouring and protecting our worldly natural rhythms With fierce love, grace and passion. She will not be corrupted, nor manipulated. Standing as a tall tree, bending and moving in the blowing gale.  Rooted. With the faith that what … Continue reading The Warrioress

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