As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

You present yourself with gorgeous, deep roots- Plump, pulsing with life and maze-like Still within the package, clear and holding You sit contained- unaware, naive… I am entrusted to cut the end- Pull you through and into this world It’s as if you take your first breath…. Your roots entwine upon themselves I gently, so … Continue reading As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

Masculine Energy Meditation Practice (for women and men): Loving Focused Awareness.

Hi everyone, Today, I had the feeling that a meditation could help us to lovingly hold, witness and become aware what our bodies are telling us. Here is a free meditation, I hope it serves in some way. Sending loads of love and hope, Elise

Saturate Me Again and Again

I am already soaked through to the bone from tending my garden,Tending to my weeds and exploring my inner plants…I implore you to saturate me to my core That I may feel my pulsing energy from withinSo that I may be immersed in the gloriousConnection and reunion with you…Again and again and againOf this I … Continue reading Saturate Me Again and Again

Woundings- Core Work and Opening to the Divine

Today I listened to the Great Marianne Williamson about forgiveness and releasing. She made some valid points – namely that we can choose to let the woundings, the lack of forgiveness, the judgements, the ‘fill in the blanks with your baggage’ and step into 2021 free of these, or at least consciously looking at them … Continue reading Woundings- Core Work and Opening to the Divine

A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

I am awakened once more from my slumber with the Gods It’s not the desire of the fleshly meeting, no… Nor is it attempting to satiate the insatiable- Which lingers as long as I shall have breath in my body, Song in my throat, a beating heart and spirit in my eyes… I surrender….. I … Continue reading A Poem: From Here Let Me Live

Love Beyond: Connection and Sacred Union

Love beyond everything. Love beyond what the word means to you. Love beyond all conformity and things you think are true. Love beyond your mind and body. Love beyond the gentlest summer evening kiss….Love beyond partnership and roles and responsibilities. Love beyond your Self. Love beyond…. just beyond….And you will taste the sweetest of tastes, … Continue reading Love Beyond: Connection and Sacred Union

A Poem: She Walks Into The Storm

The wild woman beats within her bosom The rain pelts down on her face Her roles are forgotten now In this moment of opposites. The road is warm beneath her The rain pelting down is cool- She feels both simultaneously on her body, and laughter arises… Out of the bliss and ecstasy Rising through the … Continue reading A Poem: She Walks Into The Storm

Inner Flame Connecting All

The flame burns so brightly within her Her body open, supple and conduit to both worlds Caught for a gorgeous moment in the huge, open dark space Where ions of time exists between her gentle, deep breath- Nourishing herself and All around her- Connecting All She travels through civilisations- with her thirst for truth unquenched … Continue reading Inner Flame Connecting All

I am Here, Trusting in Love Poem

How else can I send out this message any more than to sit and feel my heart slowly and gently beat… Tenderness flows through my veins, my voice rhythmic and tender How else can I serve?- But for the request of courage to keep my soft, sensitive heart The way it is…. How else can … Continue reading I am Here, Trusting in Love Poem

Balancing and Merging with the Mystic Within

To be whisked away in the moment, to have a breath paused- hanging in the air- merging with the air surrounding Indecipherable: Where does our breath end and the air around us begin? All merged, all as one, connected beyond the mind Energy flows like the breath… One energetic hologram moves through, and over another … Continue reading Balancing and Merging with the Mystic Within

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