Awakening Will Happen Wherever You Are

Be here now, wherever life has placed you. The life lessons will find you, they always do…. Breathe and stay relaxed and aware- seeing the life lessons and ‘teachers’ that present to you, no matter the life situation you are in. There is simply no choice for the student of life and the mysteries it holds- there’s a switch that has been flicked that holds no satisfaction with switching it back off again. So dare to live openly wherever life places you. See the world through the mystic eyes, even if it means whilst watching children playing sport on the weekend, or at work, or with your family and friends, or when sitting by yourself. The path continues, it requires only your attention and everywhere becomes your school room, everyone a possible teacher.

There can be a fear of missing out that can happen in our society. Fear of missing a retreat, fear of missing a class, fear of missing a practice…. thinking that it will put ‘development back’ if missed. But with the spiritual path there will always be lessons, experiences, relationships and life situations to give you the circumstances your soul needs when it needs to experience it in this human body, and in the timing and rhythm with which it aligns to develop and how. The path that is in alignment for you will open when you are ready. And may change at any time when you are ready. The path and life you live and all aspects within it should collaborate to create opportunities and space. It should feel open. If it doesn’t then maybe there are other lessons that need to be learnt and can only be accessed via another path, or road. That’s not to say that the two won’t merge again, and often do to create a more potent mergence, or sacred union between what has been taught on one path, and merging with the forever student on the new path. There is no right or wrong. Just experiences and lessons to be had. Wherever the most fertile plane is on the path is what you will be guided to take. It is really up to us. This time brings self realisation to us in a way that it never has before.

It’s time…. It’s just time…

With love and loads of hope,

Art by Orit Martin

Both sides of the Coin

Being ‘in it’, being vulnerable, being stuck in the grind of life, being sad, angry, grieving is sometimes a reality. Where responsibilities, commitments and other things seem to be present and take our time, where helplessness exists. But there is another side to life that we often fall short of seeing or feeling, especially during the busiest times in life. That is the divine, or sacred. That which is invisible. That energy which flows around and within us. It is our soul. Pure and simple. Your soul is not just within your body, it is around you. IT IS YOUR TEMPLE. It is felt by others. It can leave the body and surrounds at any time, perhaps it is faded and spiritually strangled from our consciousness…..perhaps it is vibrant and bright. We exist during a time when only that which is physically seen can exist, and so many of us are faced with breaking this simple conditioning straight off the bat in our evolution, and it ain’t easy to break the norm. It is way too easy to have doubt within us, or placed there by outside influences. But, for now… let’s bring our attention to the soul.

So, how is your soul? Let’s do a quick check in! Do you serve the soul, or the ego? Pure and simple. I love the simple applications in life- every time I do something I reflect- what am I serving here? The highest in myself, the highest in Other? Or is there something else happening within me that I can get enthusiastically curious about? Yum, I love investigation time… Practical ways this can show up in life can be something like the following;- where do I feel the need to explain myself in my personal life? Is there something that feels heavy or just yuck when I speak about something or someone? Is there something within me that feels ‘off’ off when I speak with someone? Am I not speaking my truth of how I feel (notice how this feels within you when this happens)? Do I doubt myself? Do I trust myself and my integrity? Pause here and bloody give yourself a breath if you catch yourself here in one of these thoughts or situations. No matter how triggered you are, pause and take a breath. No one can force an answer straight up. Take the time to know yourself here, this part of yourself right now. Be intimate with it, as if you were holding space for a friend going through something. Often we can cause more crap if we romp in aggressive and distant, pointing that finger which can so easily point out to ‘other’, back to yourself, bring that energy back. Fuel the investigation of what’s going on inside of you with your own attention. No judgements. Just compassion for the human in you. What did you find underneath? This is simple, yet effective.

Life situations sometimes become difficult, testing, and exhausting. But these times are the fertile ground in which to grow through these things and gain wisdom which leads to thriving and truly living the authentic blue print of your vibrant soul. To have both sides of the coin, to know that you are human and can have stresses, pain, grief and that’s perfectly fine….. AND to have a life in service of the divine, feeling that connection, nurturing that connection daily. Both can be done. I have come to realise in my life, one actually complements the other. There is no perfection on the path to truth. There are life lessons, and the divine. Both are true in gorgeous sacred union within form- your body, your life. The invisible is mixing with the visible every day.

So, the next time you want to play small because your life is in shambles, or you want to wait until everything is just perfect in your psyche…. think again. You are on the right track. Keep going. It is, and as long as you live in the collective, always will be truth. Both sides of the same coin. Flip it, and see what arises more today. Just know both are there at the same time in this precious thing called your life.