De-conditioning Marriage. Can It Be Done?

We have a chance to really create what we want to live. What is it you want in relationship? What components shall you keep? What really aligns with your soul? What parts really make your body, heart and mind sing? What parts feel heavy, outdated or simply adopted from outside influences and leaves your body jacked up and painful? What makes you more connected to that ‘yes’ feel, and what makes you feel more disconnected? Where can you make more space for yourself and your life? Where do you focus on making money and career more than love and connection?

In relationship, how do you want to be? What was shown to you during childhood? Is that it?- Is that what you want? Or was it distorted? Filled with martyrdom and stress, duty and lacking in awareness, connection? What if I was to say there is another way…. YOUR WAY. It’s not selfish, it’s soul alignment and can actually bring two people in relationship closer together, or it could make two people realise that the alignment is no longer there- or was never there in the first place and help aid in moving along the inevitable and cease living in discontent and resentment- sometimes relationships are simply not meant to be…. Or it can help you to realise what you really do want in a relationship and help you to spot red flags you may be blind-sighted by early in relationship.

I have been going into the energetics of Juno, and it’s been ripping me apart in the best possible way. You see, I have been feeling this particular energy within me for a few years, could feel it building. And, I can say I am in alignment with it in the way I know what I do not want…. but that is only 50% of the embodiment of this part of me, and really going within the shadows hidden within me in relation to sacred marriage, vows, long term relationships and commitments…. It’s one hell of a journey! What I’ve discovered is this, there is so much gunk in the collective (everyday world and consensus) that we need to live a certain way- the nucleus family within one home, under one roof raising children. Now, many people are becoming aware of this not suiting everyone. I myself attempted to live this way and it does not feel good in my body. I need space- a lot of space. I love children, but I need space from that as well…. For me, I am creating the life that feels good within step by step. I have no idea of how it will look in another year from now, but I feel the merging of more of what I want slowly happening…. The more I feel and step, the more amazing it’s feeling in my body.

So, this Juno Goddess is really pointing out what I no longer wish to have in relation to how I live my life from my home, sacred marriage with other (should one arrive- ok lets face it, it is in my chart to be in long term sacred union with other), and how I am going to be with my children moving forward. Now, looking at the ‘way it’s always been’, the woman should take all of the Motherhood duties, domestic duties, earn less (or not at all) money, and if that doesn’t align with you then you are judged- even by self, and a term ‘Mothers Guilt’ has been created for this very thing. It’s real. Yes. It’s not easy. But it feels 10,000 times better than staying in a relationship in conditions and vows that are no longer applicable to the woman you have become now. If you need permission to explore in your own life, then consider this to be it! Psst- there is more….

Juno/Hera was wife to Jupiter/Zeus, the most powerful of the Gods. Her husband was well known to break their monogamous vows by sleeping with others (Goddesses and humans), and fathering many more offspring as a result. It is said Juno was embarrassed and often distorted in how she would plan to get back at her husband… or become so angry with the situation….. she would even take time out for herself and then return to the marriage she was unhappy in. Unfortunately, power dynamics were existing between this married couple and it was not a happy marriage. Juno represents the wife being dutiful, being loyal, abiding by the vows of marriage despite them being broken by the other in the sacred contract. She is a reminder of how we can, as women (or men) lose ourselves in relationship, and how women did and still do often subconsciously and consciously give away identity in order to be betrothed to or to remain with a partner. Taking on a last name is one physical way, but may also include things such as liking things the other person likes, and letting go of the things you like.

Taking on these lessons, what is it you would really like to have in relationship? What can you build within yourself that are non- negotiable even if you are in a long term relationship? How can you honour sacred relationship and stay soft, supple and open to receive what you really want?- and not default into something that you haven’t co-created. Juno represents maturity….. so also reflect within and notice all of the times you have been immature? Or had really high expectations of other? Or lacked communication due to a barrier to love you have put up around your heart.

I used to judge this archetype, and clearly this part of me. It wasn’t time before to enter into this goop where conditioning, shadows of huge power-plays within the patriarchy and victimhood or distorted feelings and expressions within the feminine exist in this line. But, now it is. I honour the path I have walked so far- witnessing my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother, and my Mother in how they were/ are in marriage that at times wasn’t that great, and at times was glorious. Relationships are one thing- messy. And navigating ourselves within it is truly a difficult path to walk, but a necessary one for relationships to evolve from the unequal power dynamics and strong hold that a patriarchy lead society has gained- to an open, loving, evolutionary, supportive, changing, sacred marriage that I know can exist equally between two souls as we walk this earth in these glorious bodies.

To those of us paving the way- go forth and create what you want from within- out!

It’s going to be mammoth- I can feel it in my bones!

All my love,

Art ‘Juno’ by Felix Freudzon

Awakening Will Happen Wherever You Are

Be here now, wherever life has placed you. The life lessons will find you, they always do…. Breathe and stay relaxed and aware- seeing the life lessons and ‘teachers’ that present to you, no matter the life situation you are in. There is simply no choice for the student of life and the mysteries it holds- there’s a switch that has been flicked that holds no satisfaction with switching it back off again. So dare to live openly wherever life places you. See the world through the mystic eyes, even if it means whilst watching children playing sport on the weekend, or at work, or with your family and friends, or when sitting by yourself. The path continues, it requires only your attention and everywhere becomes your school room, everyone a possible teacher.

There can be a fear of missing out that can happen in our society. Fear of missing a retreat, fear of missing a class, fear of missing a practice…. thinking that it will put ‘development back’ if missed. But with the spiritual path there will always be lessons, experiences, relationships and life situations to give you the circumstances your soul needs when it needs to experience it in this human body, and in the timing and rhythm with which it aligns to develop and how. The path that is in alignment for you will open when you are ready. And may change at any time when you are ready. The path and life you live and all aspects within it should collaborate to create opportunities and space. It should feel open. If it doesn’t then maybe there are other lessons that need to be learnt and can only be accessed via another path, or road. That’s not to say that the two won’t merge again, and often do to create a more potent mergence, or sacred union between what has been taught on one path, and merging with the forever student on the new path. There is no right or wrong. Just experiences and lessons to be had. Wherever the most fertile plane is on the path is what you will be guided to take. It is really up to us. This time brings self realisation to us in a way that it never has before.

It’s time…. It’s just time…

With love and loads of hope,

Art by Orit Martin

Honouring Resting and Recharging as Much as Action

Sometimes we’ve had a spell of inspired flow, or action. It’s amazing when that happens. Something to keep in mind so that we don’t push ourselves to ‘stay with it’ when clearly we need to rest, is to firstly look at the way we are judging ourselves in this time. Is there a thought that says ‘I should be doing something?’ Because that is a conditioned thought that is needed to be broken in order to realise that looking after Self and caring is ‘doing’ something. It’s honouring the rest that your body and mind need. It’s being kind to yourself. It’s honouring the natural flow in your world. The stream may be trickling instead of flowing, which is fine, too. There must be a winter as well as a summer. Whatever it is, please honour whatever your body is yearning right now.

With so much love,

The Time of the Priestesses

The Time of the Priestesses

Searing hot truth spreading like lava through her body. She refuses to squeeze into that which She once did. She knows deeply within She restricted Herself, restricted truth….No more! No more…. She cannot satiate the desires that lay deep within, once dormant now thrashing, and rising and circulating- all while tying herself to how things were before. No more… NO MORE is this acceptable to her, or to those She loves. She is set free in the alignment of the energy She can live by, and with. In the great inhale and exhale of life, She feels this truth burning within and coming out- burning everything in her life to ashes..…

Here in this chaos, in these ashes She is her own lover, husband, wife, mother, father, child. She is beyond all of this- She is bloody well UNDEFINABLE. She is beyond. Just beyond… She is passion, grace, water, fire, earth, air…. She is beauty, power, kindness, body, spirit, divinity…. Beyond all ridiculous human constraints and constructs. No… no more… She is realising her ability to bring change, to bring connection, to bring power, to bring love, to bring vulnerability, in a world that lays parched of these things, a world slowly opening and desiring the lubrication of connection and love, of a new way..… This is not a war or a battle this is a new vow she lives by, this is a new love to unite with. This is a sacred dance of union. This is the sacred dance of merging above and below. This is the opening to be a conduit of the energy and to the daily life She leads. She will not stop loving. Her faith cannot be altered. Lubricating the driest, harshest of hearts in her sacred light, transmitting divinity that even She has no knowledge of. Aiding the transformation of the collective as She devotes her time in silent surrender, in muddied sweaty skin, in the radiating free sexuality of her body, in the grace of her truth, in the teaching of her children, in the home, city, state, country and world she lives in… She is here- the bloodied, muddied, sweaty, passionate, gritty, loving, light filled, connected divine Priestess. And She isn’t going to stop.

To all of the Priestesses out there- keep going. I feel you.

Ancestral Work and Reclaiming Divine Worship

Nestled deep in our ancestral line lurks fear in the individualized choice of worship of the divine. Pressure to conform to the ‘tribal choice’ existed thousands of years ago, and still does today. Many wars have arisen because of this ultimate rule over power and an immature, or unevolved approach to divine worship. This holds no space for a person to worship freely what their soul desires and requires as they open deeper and deeper and continue to gain higher and higher levels of consciousness on their journey that we call life.

In our life we have many words that have been adopted and used as propaganda against those who wish to stand up swim against the grain of the norm in society. The reclamation of our very right to follow that which sings to our soul, which lights us up, which connects us to something greater than ourselves, yet also connects us to that which is unique within us, without the finger pointing ‘witch hunt’ that is so present today and has its roots deeply buried within the constructs of society as we know it- the ‘word bomb’ or powerful fearful energy behind the word ‘Cult’.

Many are conscious of the witch wound within the collective. It is essentially the feminine line within us that holds magic, esoteric gifts, and energetic connection, rhythm, flow, seasons, honouring women’s moon cycles or blood cycles, the ancient art of midwifery, and much, much more including the worship of the divine via embodiment. It’s a line that needs space to exist and flow. It’s more intangible, and is life force itself. It’s a healing opposite of the masculine when the two co exist within ourselves and in the collective in a balanced way. The masculine line is rational, logical, physical and more tangible energy, is often linked to monetisation and has had dominance over the nearly extinct full expression of the feminine energy ‘line’. The feminine ‘line’- especially the powerful esoteric nature of it, has been suppressed over thousands of years and thus in its place has grown a huge bleeding wound, which many women are leading the way and healing within themselves right now through the feminine ‘line’, combining esoteric energetic cleansing practices with the masculine reflection to consciously bring about change within themselves, within their family ancestry and within the collective. By doing so they are ultimately diffusing the ‘word bomb’ of witch in the collective.

There is something that hits both the masculine and the feminine line EQUALLY:-  The inability to worship the divine outside of the norm in society without being labelled as being in a cult. This needs to be flushed out. There is still a gaping wound linked to ‘witch hunts’- anything esoteric practiced in the past there was a threat of being killed, and a real fear of authorities who were employed to uphold that which was accepted to be the practice or religion during the time. In both men and women. The very creation of the Tarot cards was born out of the need to keep the DIRECT connection to the divine (without the use of a priest) secret, appearing as a game they were playing in order to not raise suspicion from authorities. This is trapped in our DNA, our ancestral line, our family patterning.

If we look at our family patterns we can see the authority figures. I have many friends, myself and my husband included, who have been accused of being in a part of a cult, or jokingly accused of it. If there is no logical explanation, or if it is too different from the norm, that label is attached. Makes no difference. If reclamation is what we are talking about, then it’s time to diffuse the ‘word bomb’, the negative connotation this ‘cult’ word has taken on. It’s time to reclaim our soul- filled authentic nature and f***k off outside fears to now shed this layer of ‘skin’ for our evolution and the evolution of the collective.

The word ‘cult’ actually came from the 17th century from the French word created from the Latin noun cultus (worship). So the word came from the Latin cultus- which means to worship, which was based on the verb colere- which means to care or cultivate (Wikipedia)! Interesting the energy behind the word- having an evil connotation to it today.

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“This work is needed now to break the shackles of thousands of years of oppression keeping us within the confines of a low level of consciousness- or the same level of consciousness.”

If there was one thing to be taken out of this piece, it would be this: Anyone who takes the path less travelled, who dares to follow their inner devotion to what resonates with them for their higher development and best possible life, go for it. Do not be afraid of being deemed you are in a cult. This work is needed now to break the shackles of thousands of years of oppression keeping us within the confines of a low level of consciousness- or the same level of consciousness we’ve been in for a long time. There is more, much more….. You are limitless with limitless potential. We all are, we just need to reclaim that. So, continue your devotion to whatever it is. Or really jump into that which you have been dipping your toe into, for fear of being different or that tricky hidden ancestral fear that keeps you aligned to something that perhaps doesn’t fit in your life anymore. The world needs more divine connection, more energy, more passion, more joy, more bloody LOVE! Enough with the fear! Enough with the propaganda. Let’s just bloody live!

So, cult you say? Sure, whatever. I prefer to call it the path of truth, of connection, of really sinking my teeth into knowing myself while I walk this earth for such a short period of time. It’s time to challenge the confines within Self once again. It’s time to reclaim the right of divine worship however fits our unique soul imprint. It’s time to step into healing our ancestral lineage of this outdated fear. 

Art by Lane Brown

Tools to Use on the Path of Knowing Thyself

In this podcast I speak about the perspective of seeing the karma, the triggers, the family patterns we experience in our life as tools to knowing ourselves deeper and with more compassion. Giving ourselves something to sink our teeth into whilst on the path of evolution, and knowing ourselves. As Rumi puts it, “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” By knowing ourselves, we learn the sacred mysteries of the universe and embody it in our lives….

From the Temple of Dendera

Honouring Soul Contract Endings

It’s nice to speak of energetic soul contract beginnings…. but the endings are an interesting aspect to examine.

It’s time to speak of lessons learnt, expired contracts and how to work with getting to your inner truth in this …

It’s a fascinating topic- soul contracts. They may not necessarily be ‘forever’. Lessons are learnt. Soul contracts are there to do the ultimate- lead you back to Self with lesson/s, or a slice of wisdom to be learnt. Once that is fulfilled, there may be a dramatic drop in energetic connection between you and the person you had an intense energetic connection with. You may be left bewildered. You may try to force a re-connection…. but the truth of the energy speaks louder than words. It could evolve into a different relationship. Or you may not feel the need to re-connect at all. Whatever the situation, you’d be best to follow the energy within your body and dive deeply into your own truth- your inner wise knowing. For the lessons may already be learnt, and new ones ‘waiting around the corner’……

Knowing how you stand in this is a beautiful and important thing. Finding inner truth is paramount. To tell if there is a defense tactic- another pattern playing out, or fear of some sort, there’s an awesome set of reflective questions to do to feel into truth in this situation! But first, take three deep breaths- still yourself. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. Let the breath expand you as you breathe in and as you breathe out relax into yourself, dropping your awareness from your head down through the heart and resting on your dan-tien/ womb space.
Notice the questions rely on ‘feel’ rather than thought. This is a really cool practice to drop from the brain and into the body which is integral for accessing that deep inner knowing- that wise place within.

Feel into the following questions:-

1. Did I get ‘triggered’ or upset by the person, and not dealing with it very well?
2. Did I put up walls?
3. Am I in fear of something?
4. Is there a pattern existing that I couldn’t consciously see before?
5. Do I need to act on that pattern by exiting the relationship/ friendship/ contract?
5. Is there something in me that I am being shown about a previous soul contract and how I reacted- witnessing a pattern?
6. Am I protecting myself?
7. How does it feel in my body to not be in contact with this person who is/ was a soul contract?
8. Does it feel like I can no longer learn in this contract?
9. Do I feel restricted/ limited in this contract?
10. Do I feel empowered and free in this contract?

One angle of working to enhance living our lives in a more conscious way is within sacred soul contracts. It is an awesome way to look into a pattern or unconscious thing we continually do, and purposely look into that part of Self to work to transform it. And once one person has stopped playing that matching pattern (mirror) which is a wounding or unconscious part within Self, the intensity between the two may dramatically decrease, and soul magnetism stops. The other may choose to transform or to remain the same. If transformation occurs in that person than energetic connection may be restored. If not, there’s a strong possibility that the contract has expired.

This is the time to go deeply within to explore where you stand within yourself. There’s a call from the depths and heights asking for more maturity when working within sacred contracts- enjoy them, but recognise what they are and the divinely lead connection that exists. Alignment and trust in the inner knowings strengthen when surrendered to universal truths. If you are able to feel your truth, there’s a deep beauty to be able to ‘Let go, and let god’ in true connection and rhythm with the universe without unhealthy attachments.

Sending Love,

Art by Alisha Lee Jeffers

The Divinity of Passion

Sovereignty and Reclaiming our Sexual Energy

Don’t hide or numb that delicious shakti from the world. Let it burn, burn, burn…. Let it rise upwards within your body. Let it fuel your blood, let it feed your essence, let it charge your awakening- your rewiring of your very DNA. Surrender to that wild, natural, boundless state until the energy rises up so high within you that it’s sweetness yet pungent taste rests delicately and deliciously on your tongue and explodes outwards around you. A powerful explosion of life force energy spreading from your toes to the tip of your head… Your birthright. Your sovereign energy.

Dare to desire the burn of radiance, of reconnecting to the sexuality that innocently thrived within you as a child- but was later shunned, snubbed, weighed down with rules and constraints, tied down with fear of misinterpretation from others. This is an ancient power that once coursed through you uninhibited. That creates life and births out in the world. That limitless fuel- ours to open to and freely use when we desire within our very being. Time to shed our skin of guilt for experiencing passion, for desire, for our coursing sexual energy. Time to be the boundless gorgeous beings we are.

It is time once again to open to this. Let us remove the blocks that lie in the way. Let us step out of our hidden, guarded territory. Let us break down those well built walls that served it’s purpose to protect, but now….. now there is no enemy here. And if you are reading this, you are in a position in the world to be a beacon of light for this change to spread all around the world. It’s safe to stick your head out now. It’s safe to breathe in that sweet air. It’s safe to feel the way your body gently opens to the energies around you and within you. You are not alone in this return to becoming unbound.
This is your energy to feel within you….
Can you feel the invitation? The rumbling from deeply within?

Sending a huge love bomb,

Art by Benedigital