No more Resistance

I surrender, Oh I can no longer put up the walls before truth
Of love, of the ultimate connection
Of passionate embodiment, of laying alone,
Of being touched by that which cannot be explained
Of that which flows through my body,
Of that which I denied for lifetimes
Of that which no longer harbours denial.
No, take me beyond-
So far beyond that I am deeply, oh so deeply embedded within myself.
So that there is no separation
I gently,
Oh, use these hands to do your will,
Use my eyes to dwell upon what I must,
Use my heart as a doorway to you
Use my body for deep connection
Take me beyond the smallness
I may wish to keep or my own egotistical reasons
Take me beyond, far beyond.
Let my soul touch and be touched by you
Let me serve you within me and without me.
Let there be a sacred connection, a bond, a knowing
That can never be spoken, such is the truth.
Let me serve the unknown, rich and potent.
I am yours…..

Featured Art by Jeffrey Lohrius
Written by Elise Heyward

Burning with the Candle, Embodying Hope

I light a candle for those who feel as if they don’t belong…

I light a candle for those who are disconnected from nature….

I light a candle for the blame, the shame so many feel…

I light a candle for the past, for the present, for the future….

I light a candle in the darkness, with a prayer from my depths….

I light a candle quaking in the energy rippling through my body….

I light a candle for this place we live in now- for you, for me, for Us.

So tonight, I’m feeling it all with honour, with an open heart- connected and vulnerable.

I will sit with this candle, alight, burning- feel into if you will join me here.

All my love and hope,


Featured image by Arlissa Vaughn

Snake Goddess, Serpent Wisdom and a Time to Get rid of our Fear

This was initially recorded in my small Facebook group as a Live. In it I retell a story of my childhood with snakes. It goes into now is the time for serpent wisdom- and we can choose to open to it, or to remain as we are. It is unfortunate that our culture is in fear of snakes and teachings from it. They are symbolic of the mystical kundalini experience we can have. They are symbolic of the ancient feminine. They are symbolic of our senses beyond the 5 we typically use. Both ancient and mystical- they hold so much of the unknown within them. Perhaps a little more curiosity, rather than fear could be applied to these animals….

May this serve in some way…

Thank you so much for listening, my friends.

With love,


The image comes from the preserved ancient city of Pompeii