Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

Let go…. let go into the night sky No different from the expanse of the ocean…. Somewhere between the two, In the space where the ocean and sky meet Is where we rebirth- you and me… Floating with both above and below The invitation on the swell of the ocean And the touch of the … Continue reading Surrender, Open, Merge, Allow (poem)

A Note to My Boys

My boys, I want you to explore all of yourselves. The wild, the free, the amazing, the ugly side, the parts of you that not even you will see… I wish you to be free of them in open acceptance of your imperfectly perfect humanity. I pray that my parenting up to this point and … Continue reading A Note to My Boys

Sacred Union For Radical Change

On my knees- heart open and spinning, tears in my eyesFeeling so much…. I ask the energy I feel within and surrounding me:-How can I serve from this place?When all I have are my eyes, my hands, my voice, my body…Something has to change!I feel this is beyond me…I surrender…… Infuse me with your grace…. … Continue reading Sacred Union For Radical Change

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