The River and Her Divine Flow (poem)

The river has her banks filled to the brimIt skirts the rocks and land formationsShe moves and turns….Rises and flows…As the banks attempt to contain her,Holding firm as she caresses the sides,Writhing, rising, gently massagingUntil the banks, firm and containedBegin to crack and falter…The foundations crumbleAs the river claims her expanded formDancing, moving in her … Continue reading The River and Her Divine Flow (poem)

As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

You present yourself with gorgeous, deep roots- Plump, pulsing with life and maze-like Still within the package, clear and holding You sit contained- unaware, naive… I am entrusted to cut the end- Pull you through and into this world It’s as if you take your first breath…. Your roots entwine upon themselves I gently, so … Continue reading As Deep and as High as You Want to Go….

Inner Flame Connecting All

The flame burns so brightly within her Her body open, supple and conduit to both worlds Caught for a gorgeous moment in the huge, open dark space Where ions of time exists between her gentle, deep breath- Nourishing herself and All around her- Connecting All She travels through civilisations- with her thirst for truth unquenched … Continue reading Inner Flame Connecting All

A Message of Hope

You ever get that feeling that there is more to life than what is perceived? It’s brilliant to get reminders that there is so much more than just you being in isolation, being here alone on this crazy island in space we call earth. There is so much more beyond what our little brains comprehend. … Continue reading A Message of Hope

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