Sound Healing Workshop- Earthing the Sacred


Sacred sound healing

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When: Sunday June 14th, 2020

1pm- 4pm

Where: Inner Space, Katoomba

What: Exploration into Sacred Sound Integration and Meditation

Cost: $70

Who: Women over the age of 16

Calling in a gathering of women to co-create sacred space as I facilitate sacred sound and integration for those on their spiritual path. Women are re-connecting to deep wisdom, to the body in a deeper way. AND connecting to the higher vibrations of the sacred mysteries, of our intuition, of our ancestral WISDOM that lies underneath the woundings, bringing that collective wisdom through and aligning that with our higher truth.

Now there is a call to surrender to our own sacred rhythm, our vibration, our sacred energetic blue print that we were born with. Now is the time to initiate our golden, evolved warrior to live the life aligned to this blueprint, as we walk on the earth in the life we live. To embody the sacred vibrations and merge them within is the call.

Let this be the medicine you need to integrate whilst on the path. Using shamanism, medicine woman, and the mysterious connection to light, this is an exploratory workshop into your soul growing within and around you.

Let this be the truth that radiates from within. Let this help guide you on alignment, discerning what is in your highest as you walk your sacred path. Let this workshop unlock your sacred voice- however it is sounds. Let this simply be of service to your soul…..

This is an intimate gathering for those women who on awakening to who they are, and for those stepping into sacred service.

Integrity is key with being on the soul path. We will infuse ourselves with the sacred vibrations of some of the oldest spiritual laws from Ancient Egypt. These go beyond the brain of understanding, and reconnect with the soul for embodiment and to re-awaken the latent cells of connection to the divine within us. Truly bringing the sacred mysteries and bringing them into sacred union with our lives.

About Elise:
Elise brings a deep wisdom that comes with extensive life experience to her spiritual work. Having been a police officer for eleven years, she gained a profound understanding of the energetics of the masculine – both within herself and within the collective. Toward the end of this career came a new chapter – one of marriage and the birth of her two children! She then shifted careers entirely and entered the world of Medicine Woman. With this, she also brought her two businesses into the world – Timeless Tea – a labor of love dedicated to a variety of healing teas, as well as Yoni Brew, a special concoction of herbs grown specifically for vaginal steaming and intended to aid in reclamation, empowerment and healing sexuality within women.

Elise has studied many different healing modalities, including Energetic Healing, Massage, Ancient Minoan Healing (Serpentine energy), Facilitator Training, and Life Coach Studies. In addition, she has been conducting Medicine Woman ceremonies for over three years.

Join her as she opens up the doorway to explore the mysteries of the universe and the mysteries within.

What women are saying about Elise:

“Elise is one of the most powerful facilitators I’ve ever worked with. Her understanding of energy and how it needs to move or be channeled is like no one I’ve ever met. She helped me unlock and awaken so much, allowing me to access more of myself – and more joy and bliss. I’m so grateful for Elise!”
~ Kelly

“If you have the opportunity to participate in any event Elise facilitates, you will be held in a safe space that provides an opportunity to go DEEP. She has deep reverence for our journeys. I have personally experienced her assistance in opening/accessing parts of myself. She is a loving and fierce priestess.”
~ Jane