Sacred Union- Islington


Sacred Union within.

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When: 4th April, 2020

Where: St Mark’s Church
Norfolk Rd, Islington

Time: 10am- 5pm

Limited to 20 women only

Sacred Union within Self

Journey into a powerful workshop of sacred union within Self. We will be journeying through sacred embodiment practices, archetypal, and symbolism practices, sacred shamanic journeying, meditation, dance, movement, sound vibration, tantra and much more! All of this is done so that we journey beyond the restrictions of the mind and move into the altered state of consciousness where we will enter those parts of us that we have detached from, or perhaps never fully embraced or even felt before. ALSO- NEVER before has this been attempted within a church….!!! Come to be a part of something unique and new!!! Now we are pushing the boundaries and daring to enter our heart space with the intention to come together to heal the sacred connection within the heart space, feeling the masculine within us and reclaiming the connection to the divine we are innately born with. Powerful healing, gorgeous connection, and love- just a whole lotta love!!

Who’s ready to open the door and work intimately in this energy? I’d be honoured to journey with you.
Sending love,

Join us! More details will be up shortly!