Embodiment Workshop 21st November 2020


This is a unique and dynamic modality and has been adapted to suit requirements during this time and meet the needs of women facing the weight of the pandemic. Like a re-boot, this workshop will help you to get back out there and live your life in a more meaningful, energetic and connected way. To live the life your soul came here to live!

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What is the Embodiment Workshop?

It works within the modalities of ancient embodiment practices including deity embodiment aligned with the energetics surrounding us at the time of the workshop. This will be interpreted through astrology and feeling the energy during the time. Due to COVID-19, many practices will be required to be dropped leaving us mainly with dance and being within Self for the journey. Much has been adapted for safety. Music will be used and movement will be introduced via meditation, and inner connection for unique expression. This is an ancient practice that is being practiced all over the globe. This is a unique and dynamic modality and has been adapted to suit requirements during this time and meet the needs of women facing the weight of the pandemic. Like a re-boot, this workshop will help you to get back out there and live your life in a more meaningful, energetic and connected way. To live the life your soul came here to live!

Why do this workshop?

Embodiment practices bring us within our bodies, make us feel aligned within ourselves and help us to know more parts of ourselves than we did before. What we are embodying is essentially that part of ourself that may not be able to be expressed out in every day life. This workshop allows you to explore the parts of you that feel pent up, ready to explode! It enables you to release emotions within you in the safety of a small facilitated group. And creates space for you to deeper connect with your true self underneath it all. Also, it increases:-

  • Self confidence
  • Libido
  • Self worth
  • Connection to Self and others
  • Trust in Self
  • Fitness
  • Creating new friends
  • Enhances soul connection
  • Breaks down the barriers to knowing Self
  • Feeling yourself underneath roles and responsibilities
  • Enjoyment at dancing and being with others
  • Bliss of the feminine embodiment path
  • More balanced in your life
  • Building courage to face anything life brings

Who is this Workshop for?

Any woman from the age of 18 who has an open mind and a willingness to improve oneself.
From beginners to women who have been in workshop with me before. All women are welcome.

What Can You Expect?

There will be music and dance.
An explanation of the energetics we will be moving and meditating and dancing with all within small circle held safely, lovingly by the experienced facilitator, Elise Heyward.
There will be time to connect and be witnessed and heard in this beautiful space, and there will be space for you to connect deeply to yourself beneath all of the stresses and responsibilities you have in your life.

What to bring?

Please bring your own blankets, pillows, a yoga mat (or a mat of some type), and a drink bottle with a closable lid. Due to COVID-19 I cannot provide these for you.


Please send all questions and enquiries to Elise Heyward at eliseheyward@gmail.com or via her Facebook page.

Event Details:

Time: 9am- 12pm, Saturday 21st November
Location: Supper Hall behind The Oaks Community Hall
Russell Street, The Oaks NSW 2570
Cost: $60 if purchased before 30th October. Full price is $70.
For those travelling and are thinking of making a weekend of it, there are many struggling B&B businesses around The Oaks, Camden and Picton who would love your custom, including a huge Farm Stay at Mowbray Park Farm if there are several travelling together! Many are on ‘airbnb’.

There is a no refund policy (unless enforced by new COVID-19 legislation) however please send a friend in your place, she will thank you for it!

About Elise:

Elise brings her immense grounded life experience of being a retired Police Officer of 11 years, a mother of two young boys, balancing work with family life to being in devotion to the feminine path ad connection to All. For over eight years, Elise has studied energetic modalities, bringing her grounded embodiment to the application of such studies. The last modality Elise studied in 2019, was in the form of a unique mentorship program, being a combination of energy work, shamanism, tantra and priestess work. It took her away from her family, and out into the wilderness of America to learn more of her own truths and gifts with which to serve from. Coming out of this mentorship at the end of 2019, Elise has now birthed her life work within workshop form consisting of: Sacred union, sacred embodiment along with her new business ‘Connection Meditations’. She believes in the physical embodiment as well as connecting to that which is formless. To the depths and the heights. To the mystical and the mundane everyday life and brings this to add to the experience she already has of facilitating groups. Elise’s intention in her work is to bring openness and surrender to that which is beyond, enabling all who work with her to deeply connect to the divine, to themselves, to others and to live a more empowered and authentic life- the life your soul came here to live.

What people are saying about Elise:

“How deep do you want to go? Elise can take you there & beyond! Through meditation Elise guided us to a space where we lost all time & thought! Which was amazing especially to my partner who had never even mediated before & didn’t know if he would be able to switch off. Elise held a sacred space for us to connect to ourselves individually & to each other honouring both the Devine feminine & masculine in ourselves and for each other on a soul level. Elise channeled through empowering energy to hold the space deep while guiding us as I pushed through my own emotional fears, allowing us to break the barriers that we simply can just carry in ourself in life if we don’t simply stop & be present to face them. The deepening of soul connection through breath work & tantric practice was absolutely a mind blowing experience & something that I’d highly recommend to every person & couple….. ”

“I love working with her! So many depths and heights regarding divine sacred embodiment that I can learn from her. I so enjoy witnessing her crystal truths and her immense courage!”

“I have worked with Elise in Australia over the last 9months. Look at that. The same amount of time it takes to grow a new life.
Elise is amazing, beautiful, full of passion, strong, talented and has a real gift for this work.”

“I have worked with Elise in Australia and the US. I will forever be grateful for her helping me on my journey to the depths and the heights. She is an amazing guide and I look forward to even more opportunities to work together. She is a beautiful, wise and powerful soul.”