Dance and Meditation Group


Dance and feel the body move, meditate and bathe in your energy created by movement. Come and explore yourself in this dynamic, connected and fun way.

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Every Saturday night from the 28th November to the 19th December there will be a dance and meditate class. Meditation comes in many forms and movement is one of them. The music played will be varied to enable participants to feel their own energy and really move in alignment to that. Elise will facilitate the group through the movement journey with the music. Most women have their eyes closed as in meditation to limit outside interference. It is a fun way to see how you are feeling, to move your body in a safe environment, to gain fitness, meditate and relax the mind, and cultivate your inner energy.

Time: 7pm- 8pm Saturdays
Start Date: 28th November, 2020
Finish date: 19th December, 2020
Location: Supper hall, behind The Oaks Community Centre, Russell Street, THE OAKS.

Who this is suitable for? Women of all ages and fitness abilities wanting to work on their spirituality and fitness whilst having fun! This is a lighter experience than the deep dives experienced in workshops! Just turn up, be guided into a dance meditation and go for it! You will be guided into a beautiful stillness meditation to really feel the beautiful energy within you. It’s such a beautiful practice. 

What to wear: Workout gear that doesn’t restrict movement

What to bring: A drink bottle, yoga mat (or blanket), and a pillow.

No matter your experience with dance, exercise, meditation or spirituality, any woman would fit in with these open, explorative and fun classes. When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you laughed? When was the last time you connected with yourself?

Strictly limited places!

Contact: Please contact Elise if there are any questions about this at

About Elise: 

Elise brings her immense grounded life experience of being a retired Police Officer of 11 years, a mother of two young boys, balancing work with family life to being in devotion to the feminine path. For over eight years, Elise has studied energetic modalities, bringing her grounded qualities to the application of such studies. The last modality Elise studied was in the form of a unique mentorship program, being a combination of energy work, shamanism, tantra and priestess work. It took her away from her family, and out into the wilderness of America to learn more of her own truths and gifts with which to serve from. Coming out of this mentorship at the end of 2019, Elise has now birthed her life work within workshop form consisting of: Sacred union, sacred embodiment along with her new business ‘Connection Meditations’ where she teaches people how to meditate using different methods. She believes in the physical embodiment as well as connecting to that which is formless. To the depths and the heights. To the mystical and the mundane everyday life and brings this to the experience she has of facilitating groups, and the very way she lives her life. Her intention in her work is to bring openness and surrender to that which is beyond, enabling all who work with her to deeply connect to the divine, to themselves, to others and to live a more empowered and authentic life- the life your soul came here to live. 


What people are saying about Elise:

“How deep do you want to go? Elise can take you there & beyond! Through meditation Elise guided us to a space where we lost all time & thought! Which was amazing especially to my partner who had never even mediated before & didn’t know if he would be able to switch off. Elise held a sacred space for us to connect to ourselves individually & to each other honouring both the Devine feminine & masculine in ourselves and for each other on a soul level. Elise channeled through empowering energy to hold the space deep while guiding us as I pushed through my own emotional fears, allowing us to break the barriers that we simply can just carry in ourself in life if we don’t simply stop & be present to face them. The deepening of soul connection through breath work & tantric practice was absolutely a mind blowing experience & something that I’d highly recommend to every person & couple.. ”

“I love working with her! So many depths and heights regarding divine sacred embodiment that I can learn from her. I so enjoy witnessing her crystal truths and her immense courage!”

“I have worked with Elise in Australia over the last 9months. Look at that. The same amount of time it takes to grow a new life.
Elise is amazing, beautiful, full of passion, strong, talented and has a real gift for this work.”

“I have worked with Elise in Australia and the US. I will forever be grateful for her helping me on my journey to the depths and the heights. She is an amazing guide and I look forward to even more opportunities to work together. She is a beautiful, wise and powerful soul.”