Couples Sacred Union Connection (In Person)


Couples sacred union immersion.


The Connected Couple Sacred Union Journey

A 6 Week Journey to a More Deeply Connected Relationship

Are you wanting a deeper connection and more intimacy with your partner and yourself?

Do you feel like you are drifting away from each other?

Or that you are both on auto pilot?

How would it feel instead to:-

Reignite your passion and enhance your connection?

Open the lines of communication and feel more comfortable in your own skin with your partner? Connect on a higher, more intuitive level  and get to a deeper level of truth within your relationship? 

Introducing ‘The Connected Couple Sacred Union Journey’

An alternative to couples therapy, the Connected Couple Sacred Union Journey  is designed to help you bypass the mind and dive into the subconscious, or that which is buried deep down within you, so you can release what is preventing you from stepping into a more fulfilling life and open more fully within your relationship.

This journey combines ancient tantra, archetypal study for self mastery (masculine), embodiment (feminine), shamanic principles and ancient principles of a way of ‘Living Life’ to come to a deeper understanding of yourself,  so that you become more conscious of why it is you do what you do and gently accept these parts of yourself, seeing them as opportunities to grow.  

You will learn to:

  • Become self aware and regulate your energy/emotions? 
  • Trust in yourself and your partner
  • Intuitively connect to your partner without words
  • Create magnetism within your relationship using your energy.
  • Hold space for each other deeply and in a connected way.
  • Embody, open to and surrender to energy  
  • Open to your innate wisdom

    What to expect: 
  • Diving into masculine energetics, using archetypes to study, embody and directly apply soul lessons
  • Diving into feminine energetics, using archetypes to study, embody and directly apply soul lessons
  • Recorded meditations specific to the individual and your journey
  • Music playlist to get into energy at home and continue the work on Self and as a couple.

How it will work:

You will each have two individual sessions with Elise. These individual sessions are fortnightly and 1 hour in length.  This will be followed by final 90 minute connection meeting where you will come together as a couple and Elise will facilitate an energetic merging using practices and meditations. 

You will also receive 1:1 voice messaging support with Elise in between your sessions for any questions that arise. 


  • 4x 1 hour individual sessions (2 for each individual)
  • 1x 90 minute connection meeting (as a couple)
  • 1:1 voice messaging support 2 days per week

This is transformational work. Nothing like this has been offered before. It has been a process of 7 years to create and birth this program and it is absolute honour to facilitate and hold space for you.

This Program is for you if you and your partner:

– Are 18 years or older

– Have an open mind and are open to movement (dance or stretching) and meditation (stillness)

– In an intimate relationship heteronormative or same sex (LGBTQ+ supportive)

– Want to feel more comfortable with intimacy and have a deep fulfilling relationship

– Want to connect more fully with who you are, become more confident and and speak your truth both individually and in your relationship

– Are curious about the mysteries in life and want to improve or uplevel your self worth and self acceptance

– Want to create more time and space for yourself, and bring in more vibrancy and balance to your life and relationship.


Results from doing the Program that can occur:-

– More confidence and trust in yourself

– A deeper connection to yourself, your partner and loved ones

– More energy

– Connection to soul truths

– Self acceptance

– An understanding of how to meditate and gain clarity

– Experience, clear and trust your power 

– Deeper connection to and trust of your intuition

– Connection to your life force energy

– Understanding roles in your relationship and consciously choosing if it aligns with your soul growth

– De-conditioning yourself from what no longer resonates


The Essence of This Work:

Below is a quote that holds the essence of what we will be working with together. Seeking, and finding all of the barriers to a high, connected, truth filled, liberating, amazing relationship. We are not taught how to work with such beautiful and mystical concepts, and we are especially not informed of the ability for us to connect to a higher vibrational love. But, you can. Your partner can, even if both or either have little to no experience…. you still can. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to enter that which you cannot explain with an experienced facilitator…. The rest will take care of itself….

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”



 NB: Men and women are encouraged to practice both the feminine and masculine within themselves to be whole within themselves, without the need to be in partnership, but rather to stand within the empowered ‘choice’ to be in relationship. Even if roles are set, for example the man holds the masculine line to take charge, be action oriented, and hold space, whilst the feminine holds the embodied, open, fluid, intuitive, connected, sometimes emotional, ecstatic, shakti or energy, both would benefit from working with their own feminine and masculine within. It is all about balance in relationship, let’s bring some consciousness to it and work energetically with each other.

Location: Elise operates out of different locations around the Macarthur area, NSW.  The location will be provided to the couple upon purchasing the package.

When: An appointment schedule will be sent to you upon purchasing this program.

Investment: This program is worth over $800, however due to it being a pilot program you get to experience all of the program for only $600 in total. Limited spots of only two couples is available for this price. 

About Elise:

Elise is a somatic movement facilitator, meditation teacher and medicine woman. She is a passionate woman in this world who is in devotion to helping other people to find and align with the truth of who they truly are. She believes that if women are enabled to be empowered from a loving and heart connected place that this would positively impact the world.

Coming from a background of Policing, and retiring after eleven years from the NSW Police Force in 2015, and becoming a Mother of two boys, Elise brings life experience and a grounded approach to her work. Elise was called in another direction. She stepped into healing her own ‘burnout’ and discovered somatic therapy. She later became a student of somatic therapy and simultaneously followed her intuition into spirituality, studying and becoming a practitioner in energetic healing modalities, including Reiki for five years. In 2018, Elise began a rigorous mentorship in the art of ancient embodiment of astrological archetypes- where she became trained to facilitate groups into the sacred mysteries of life. She also was trained in Embodied Ancient Esoteric Tantra, and Medicine Woman training which produced her channeled internationally known sacred herbal teas and yoni steaming blends to support women in their everyday life to be present and connected to their body wisdom. Elise more recently graduated as a meditation teacher and helps to educate both men and women on how to connect to their inner self through stillness.

What people are saying about Elise and her work:

“How deep do you want to go? Elise can take you there & beyond! Through meditation Elise guided us to a space where we lost all time & thought! Which was amazing especially to my partner who had never even mediated before & didn’t know if he would be able to switch off. Elise held a sacred space for us to connect to ourselves individually & to each other honouring both the Devine feminine & masculine in ourselves and for each other on a soul level. Elise channeled through empowering energy to hold the space deep while guiding us as I pushed through my own emotional fears, allowing us to break the barriers that we simply can just carry in ourself in life if we don’t simply stop & be present to face them. The deepening of soul connection through breath work & tantric practice was absolutely a mind blowing experience & something that I’d highly recommend to every person & couple. There is always deeper & always more to find, explore, share & discover. Thank you for facilitating this amazing experience Elise we will now be able to carry these beautiful practices & life changing skills, incorporating them into our life xx I already want to come back for more ! The depths of ones soul are truely endless 💓 beyond Thank you.. there are no words to describe how precious your work truely is xx”


“I love working with her! So many depths and heights regarding divine sacred embodiment I can learn from her. I so enjoy witnessing her crystal truths and her immense courage!”


“I have worked with Elise in Australia over the last 9months. Look at that. The same amount of time it takes to grow a new life.

Elise is amazing, beautiful, full of passion, strong, talented and has a real gift for this work.”


“I have worked with Elise in Australia and the US. I will forever be grateful for her helping me on my journey to the depths and the heights. She is an amazing guide and I look forward to even more opportunities to work together. She is a beautiful, wise and powerful soul.”


“I have attended a number of Elise’s workshops and courses. Elise is the the real deal. A priestess and a wizard! She carries a unique balance of masculine and feminine energies which helps you to learn to align your own masculine and feminine energies and achieve union within. Pure tantra. Pure alchemy. Pure gold!”


If there are any questions about this offering, please email

With love,