Unique Meditation Teaching

At Connection Meditations, Elise is passionate about bringing practical easy to apply methods to teaching meditation. Her life experience encompasses the work she offers, and her background training in esoteric teachings enables depth to her grounded approach to meditation whilst offering an invitation to connect to the core of those she teaches and mentors.
Here's some more reasons to meditate with a trusted guide and devoted teacher:-

Meditation can be a life companion when moving through difficult stages in life

Elise is trained in many different meditation techniques; there is a style to suit everyone.

Practical easily replicated meditation teachings to develop your own practice at home.

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What you will learn

Which Meditation Style Works Best for YOU

Elise enjoys running different types of meditations- from movement meditations to still mindfulness meditations. Explore and enjoy the adventure!

How to connect to yourself in a deeper way

Loneliness comes from within. From a lack of connection. If we nurture the relationship we have with ourselves, there isn't a grasping for it on the outside.

Methods of Stress Relief and Having Improved Sleep

There are many studies that reveal the positive impact meditation can have in our life- stress reduction, improved sleep, and better focus are to name but a few.

The Invitation of Spiritual Connection 

Connection to yourself may open you to the wonderful world of exploring your innate energetics-the masculine and feminine within you whilst being safely guided throughout your meditation.

What people say about Elise and Her Work

“I have worked with Elise in Australia over the last 9months. Look at that. The same amount of time it takes to grow a new life.
Elise is amazing, beautiful, full of passion, strong, talented and has a real gift for this work.”

“I have worked with Elise in Australia and the US. I will forever be grateful for her helping me on my journey to the depths and the heights. She is an amazing guide and I look forward to even more opportunities to work together. She is a beautiful, wise and powerful soul.”


Weekly Meditation Explorations and Workshops

Elise offers a weekly meditation face to face group to sink into and enjoy. Suitable for any adult no experience is necessary.

Exclusive Movement Meditation with Astrology Workshop
Offered to those who are curious about energy and the way it works within. This is a three hour immersion into how energy moves within our physical lives based upon archetypal study relevant to the time and date of the workshop.