Emergency Services Preparation for Meditation Program

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Welcome to the preparation to meditation program for Emergency Services personnel. In this we go into techniques that work. Techniques that are practical and easy to follow.
Thank you for the work you do, and for the pressures you all face now in the crazy times we find ourselves in.
I hope this serves in some way.

Below is a video to guide you through the breath work whilst on your back at home to help unwind and relax your mind and body.

Step by Step Practice for Presence

Below is a step by step meditation to gently open you to sit in stillness. This is a perfect opening to meditation designed specifically to ease into trusting yourself as you learn or expand your knowledge of the skill of meditation.

Practically, it follows the requirement of meditation to feel into the senses, to ground, and to follow what is present in the body. Allowing for the mind- body connection to slowly take place. A slice of beautiful awareness and presence is such a relief to experience. No other thought can be present when one is present. Mindfulness is the term used to explain this- the mind is full of awareness instead of worrying about something, or having angry thoughts about someone.

  1. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position where you will not be interrupted.
  2. Gather supports to make yourself comfortable.
  3. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Breathe out slowly and deeply.... continue doing this three times.
  4. Feel your whole body. The temperature of your skin. The clothing on your skin. The support beneath you.
  5. Listen to the sounds that come to you. Become the witness. Smell any fragrances in the air. Notice if there is a taste in the mouth.
  6. Bring your awareness back to your breath.... slowing down....
  7. Feeling your feet, noticing all parts of your foot. Methodically sensing into the tops of your feet, the toes, the soles of your feet.
  8. Rising awareness upwards through your legs and into your lower belly. Noticing how this feels.
  9. Rising your awareness upwards to your shoulders. Breathing here and noticing how they feel.
  10. Coming up to your face, noticing how your face feels. Your forehead, eyebrows, the centre of your eyebrows, nose, eyes, below your eyes, cheeks, jawline, lips....
  11. Feeling the top of your head and breathing those beautiful deep breaths here. Be with yourself. If you have any thoughts arise, come back to your breath.
  12. Be here as long as you feel is right for you in silence, then bring yourself back to your senses- what you can hear, smell and taste before opening your eyes.

Wrapping Up

Because this program was designed as a step toward meditation, it stands as an introduction of sorts that you can keep coming back to whenever you feel you need to, free of charge.

Often to be able to sit and be still in order to meditate can be overwhelming or difficult for those in emergency services. Gaining confidence and trust in the process is such an important aspect of emergency services personnel to be able to take up a regular meditation practice. This being an important tool of looking after oneself in times of chaos and unrest.

Something To Help

Music can a profound aid in helping people unwind. Here are some resources to click on to help you to relax and open a little more:-

Skellig by Loreena McKennit

Lovesong from the Mountains- Deuter

Temple of Silence- Deuter

Root Chakra Primal Support- Dean Evenson

Expressions of Interest

I will be holding a live monthly Zoom group for emergency services personnel for four months to dive deeper into Meditation and begin the process of letting go of control when we don't need to have it so we can allow the nervous system to begin to slow down and essentially re-boot itself.
Please leave your details below to join this group. Cost will be a $39 donation for the four months.
It will include an email with a practice meditation each month based on the 4 month support program, monthly Zoom meet ups, and a one on one Zoom session with me.
This offer is also available for any retirees.
I do hope you will join me for this. I am so looking forward to it.

To purchase the program please click here

* Please note that this program is designed for educational pruposes to empower and equip those from the emergency services with skills to meditate. The responsibility is on the individual participant if a negative experience occurs. If further support is needed beyond what is offered here please refer to the following list:

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
Black Dog Institute: (02) 9382 4530
Mindspot: 1800 61 44 34


Elise brings a wealth of life experience to her work as a facilitator, teacher, coach and writer. She was a Police Officer for 11 years, found her path take a dramatic turn once her two children entered the world. From there, she discovered energy work. She discovered a natural affinity with herbs and plants and created her businesses Timeless Tea and Yoni Brew. Later, Elise entered the world of merging the mystic with this world we find ourselves in. This was a labour of love, being mentored closely by one of the worlds leading teachers and facilitators, Sabrina Lynn of ReWilding for Women. Elise learnt a dynamic way to facilitate and stay connected with flow which she brings with her as she guides, facilitates and teaches through meditation, and sacred astrology embodiment. Upon completion of the mentorship, Elise threw herself deeper into her Meditation studies and obtained certification under the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness to learn how to teach over fifty different meditation techniques to a variety of different students.  Grounded in her approach, Elise teaches beginners and experienced and everyone in between on merging the mysteries with our every day life to bring more balance, flow, connection and mindfulness to our lives.

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