Elise Heyward.com

Embodied Astrology

Using a variety of techniques, Elise will facilitate you to journey with the energy of the ancient archetypal embodiment to go beyond the mind to clear and open up energy lines within you. Elise works with the body wisdom each of us holds and aides in the participants to let go into the unknown and open to more wholeness within….. ‘as within, so without’, ‘as above, so below’…..

Energy Healing and Ancient Tantra

Elise is passionate about sacred union within Self. When conducting a healing Elise invites the participant to merge the parts of disconnect within their energy field using voice, touch, breath and movement. Each session is guided by the participant’s energy and each session will be different because of this.

Explosive Sacred Union Dance

Working with the uncontrollable sacred divine feminine- from sexuality to roaring truth speaker and everything in between we explore these areas within Self and allow them to move our body to music. We then work equally with the opposite of each in the masculine energetic line and move however the masculine wishes to move our body. We finish in glorious stillness, witnessing our entire wholeness.
NB: In person events only.