Masculine Energy Meditation Practice (for women and men): Loving Focused Awareness.

Hi everyone, Today, I had the feeling that a meditation could help us to lovingly hold, witness and become aware what our bodies are telling us. Here is a free meditation, I hope it serves in some way. Sending loads of love and hope, Elise

Connecting in Times of Uncertainty

I want to say thank you… Thank you to the clean masculine sacredly holding right now. Meditating, loving, holding, embracing the changing instead of bracing in the change. Defying the fear rhythm that is descending upon the world, and sitting courageously in this, holding, trusting, feeling but not moving- praying for the feminine to rise … Continue reading Connecting in Times of Uncertainty

I am You and You are Me

Before when I got knocked down, I would rise back up, swinging. Again when I got knocked back down, I would rise back up-With my fists up In front of my face, scowling… And now, I rise back up with a deep knowing With the message deeply in my bones Reverberating in every fibre of … Continue reading I am You and You are Me

Finding Inspiration in Everything

Part of the path is honouring your sovereignty, respecting and loving yourself. This is key to also finding inspiration whilst on the path to aide with impetus and staying true to Self. Knowing that there is no wrong decision or wrong path, by opening up and being experimental and curious, we have in our hands … Continue reading Finding Inspiration in Everything

A Call to Grace: Open Your Heart, Warrior

There is something growing… an uncertainty along with a feeling of dissatisfaction that is welling from deep within the open hearts walking among us, and pouring like a tidal wave from the energetic realm into physical reality. It is more than emotion, more than mere intention, it is the merging of grace into our lives. … Continue reading A Call to Grace: Open Your Heart, Warrior

Enough is Enough

It breaks me. It makes me sink to my knees perplexed at how we have managed to end up here. In this place where it is a rarity to collectively feel relaxed, happy and content. Where we don’t say the words, ‘It’s just the way it is. What do you do?’ Do? DO? I’m not … Continue reading Enough is Enough

The Warrior in This World

Do you dare to be different? Are you dissatisfied with how the world is run today? I want to introduce the Warrior archetype and how it’s needed in our world today in the cleanest, clearest, open, and compassionate way. It’s screaming to me to share this post here. This energy has literally saved my life … Continue reading The Warrior in This World

The Transmutation of the Shadows Within

What a gift it is to be aware of our shadows, our parts of Self we feel we need to hide or suppress…. The call is here. Seek the answer within. Do it with vigilance. Do it with integrity. Do it for yourself….. This takes so much courage to see those areas of yourself you … Continue reading The Transmutation of the Shadows Within

Mars Energy- A Time to Reclaim

There’s no denying blame on this energy for many atrocities in the world. And rightly so…. The feminine wisdom has all but been wiped out- now there’s a resurgence. But, where does that leave the Mars energy within both Men and Women? There’s another aspect of Mars that is golden. That is pure. That lies … Continue reading Mars Energy- A Time to Reclaim

To The Battling Warrior

I Bow to You…. To the warrior with built up walls and thick skinI bow to youTo the warrior reluctant to love, encased with ArmourI bow to youTo the Warrior who is restless and aimlessI bow to youTo the warrior who needs to be rigid- for nowI bow to youTo the warrior who is frustrated … Continue reading To The Battling Warrior

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