I have been working on a program- it’s essentially a ‘preparation for meditation’ for Emergency Services personnel who find themselves stretched right now and in need of something to be able to unwind a bit. This is an introduction to a meditation program which I am running over four months which includes a group Zoom, a one- on- one session, and a free monthly meditation specifically aimed to help tool up emergency services peeps.

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Here is some info about the program!

Here is the link for the free program.

Poem: Truth, Crazy Truth In Chaos and Unravelling

I don’t want to be hard

In this chaos and thunder

I want to be as fluid as a rolling river

As graceful as a blue wren bird poised in marshland

Instead I feel like a rolling wave dumping unceremoniously onto the shore

Blowing the smitherines all that is around and everyone on the sand…….

No one’s perfect, nothing screams putrid more than the one who pretends-

Who gently brushes off the truth and listens to the mind that says ‘don’t hurt others’

When the body screams the truth over and over again- turning into anxiety and physical pain.

So, here’s to a smashing good time. Here’s to truth and all it has for Us.

I pray for humbleness in the colliding,

Openness and softness for direction and guidance,

Trusting in the new direction in this crazy truth in chaos unravelling…

The Expansive Undercurrent to the Soul Path

It is a misconception that the spiritual path is only for those who are ‘gifted’, those who are crystal children. Those who want to be like monks and live in caves. Those who do yoga. Those who meditate. Those who practice Reiki. Those who travel in the ethers. Let’s be serious. The spiritual path firstly is subjective to the individual. However, with that in mind, I would love to give a shout out to those who are at home, doing the best they can to be a decent human being. There is a beautiful simplicity in this. There is a double edged sword when we head out as a spiritual aspirant. Often it can lead us down the path of identification to be this way or that. And this is so perfect to find your way. But something to feel into is the forever undercurrent that exists beneath every group identification, or activity, or practice. That is truth. Openness. Finding one’s own way back to our soul or essence.

The undercurrent has felt more like a comfort blanket for me of late. I have chopped and changed path so dramatically that it feels the complete opposite of what I have been studying for almost four years straight quite intensively. These modalities, if I may call them that are so completely opposite that the universal laws are bringing them together, making me the centre. I watched myself fight this new and perfect path for myself. I felt myself resist. I could see when my ego went into complete fear that all I had learnt previously was for nothing. But, now. Now, I can feel when I allow myself to be completely absorbed by the passion and intensity that is my soul path and my union with it, that I am allowing myself to be soothed by the fact that in everything I have ever studied the intention behind it has never strayed. The intention to know truth. To know more about myself. To enter self mastery which is a forever school I am absolutely devoted to on a daily basis. So, there is never a wrong modality. Or a wrong teacher. Or a bad decision. It is my responsibility and my intention to focus on learning, feeling, staying true to me and my soul path. Knowing this has alleviated some of the self made anxiety that I was creating for myself.

So, I have surrendered over my suffering, my attempt to separate this study into right and wrong. Good and bad. What works and doesn’t work. And entered into a new contract to walk into anything I study with the intention to learn. For the study of Self and soul is the study of the mysteries and they come through in whatever way suits me and in whatever way is needed for the soul path at exactly the right time. The study of self is the belief in something more than simply being born, working, and dying. There is an essence, a flavour, a powerful pull that leads the aspirant down a spiralling path of trusting in both Self to interpret and act when it aligns in life, and in the mysteries and their interaction with me equally.

May we relax and deepen into our soul path. May we trust and have a light filled hope that burns so bright within us that it cannot be extinguished. May we inhabit the place we stand and be a presence that burns brightly here on earth.

All my love and hope,


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Boundaries and the Need to Set Them

Boundaries have never been more important than now to put into place. When putting boundaries into place, it’s important to have an awareness of how you are feeling, and consider what it is you need for yourself in that moment. If you are doing this for yourself and it is a genuine need, or if there is a closed off feeling against the other person you are setting a boundary against, meaning there could be a soul lesson underneath. Most times we are yearning to have time to Self, without having any other influence coming into us. This can be tricky. There is a way to start, though, and gain more clarity in the type of boundaries you need to set, and whether they truly need to be set at all. First of all, we need to make ourselves a priority. Really simple practices in the physical can aide us in understanding ourselves and what we truly need for ourselves.

1. Looking less at your phone. Not making it the first thing you look at of a morning, and the last thing you look at before going to bed at night. The repercussions are huge. Creating a time when you look at your emails and social media after opening up time for self means that you maintain a healthier you, a stronger you. A nurtured you. Schedule it in, you’ll thank yourself for it after a week of doing this.

2. Schedule in time to work and time to play surrounding yourself first. Open up to others when you feel connected to yourself. Reminder: To the Mothers out there: This can be done (mother of two boys here), there needs to be a bit more structure.

3. Use an analogue watch for a while to limit the distractions and if you use a phone to tell you the time, then it limits the chance of going into the vortex of social media when it wasn’t your intention to do so.

4. Being present with yourself. Is there someone who is taking up your thoughts? Sit with that and create some time to allow some meditation in relation to this. Do not feel pushed to reply straight away. Do it in your own time, with a response rather than a reaction as we can also do if triggered. There are some great mindfulness meditations, as well as inquiry meditations out there which help this. By taking your time, and discovering what lies underneath the energy and the need to create healthy boundaries so that you stop giving your power away to others.

A late massive change in my life that has created more time for me, more ability to check in with myself and how I am feeling, and less of what others are thinking, or trying to contact me, is that I started wearing an analogue watch, instead of using the phone to tell the time. I had put my phone on silent to not be interrupted, however when I checked the time it was too easy for me to enter the world of the internet, Facebook, Instagram, and responding to messenger messages.

Where is your attention wavering? What are you giving your attention to? Where do you take it from yourself? People pleasing is a shadow behind answering a message to someone who you may not want to communicate with right now, however feel the need to because they reached out to you. This has happened recently to me, and I sat and asked in meditation and reflection and the answer was given- boundaries. So, considering the universal law of what is in one is in the whole, I figured I wasn’t alone in the lesson.

Boundaries can be about making small changes to create more space and time to be with yourself and within your own energetics. Another aspect that helps to create healthy boundaries is really to communicate what you need. Then enact the boundary. That way everyone is on the same page and it is beyond the physical act itself- there is an explained reason for doing so.

Reasons to Create Boundaries and How to Move Toward Maintaining Self Care

In this episode, I share some info about bringing the focus to Self and having good relationship with ourselves. I am so grateful to have been creating healthy boundaries before being tested with something that created a little jolt in my flow. I share tangible examples of boundaries and the need to love Self first before being able to give it outwards, particularly in the time we are in. 
I hope this episode shows that we can all serve ourselves and our evolution, no matter the circumstances. We can choose to flow in the water, or remain on the rock and stagnate. I choose flow, and felt the need to simply share this with you, in case you are facing similar circumstances. Choose you, always choose you, and in your own time….

Thank you for being here and listening, my friends.
All my love,

Quickening of Energy into the Physical

Explaining the energetic shifts is huge right now. The masculine lineage is up for grabs for us to enter and begin the long and amazing journey of healing the line. In this podcast I explain the energetics around now in the Archetypal forms of the Goddess Eris- Warrioress and a powerful interruptor in our life. She is the Goddess of chaos, strife and discord, but working with this energy brings amazing wisdom which I explain in this podcast. Also, my favourite archetype, Mars, is explained and in this podcast as I dive into the immature masculine and the need to work with this energy to evolve both ourselves and outside of us. This energy can help us to heal the ancestral line. 
Please do enjoy this episode. Feel free to comment, like, and share if this helps you in some way.

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For Now, I am my Own Lover

Oh, where is my muse? I whispered to myself. This is the first time I have been without a yearning for a specified other. No crush. No flirtation. No relationship. ‘Yourself’ whispered back my inner self. And so, I go on a quest deeply into myself so that there is no separation. I turn into myself with my yearning to unite, to merge, to become whole. I turn into myself and unleash my desires within me: I want to see all of my flaws, all of those things I hate about myself, all of those sticky unhealed wounds that still lay dormant not ready for exposure… I want to see my beauty, my bliss, my untethered ways: Let me see them, feel them, love them. Let me set it all free with love. Let me feel a thousand yes’s and the remaining timidity. Let me hear the screams of bliss and experience the pain of loneliness. Let me experience the blasting truth- vibrating out from my body and the agony of betrayal. Let me feel the mystical vibration of the All and the imperfection of humanness. I want it ALL. I am ready to have that relationship with myself. I am ready to commit to feeling my own energy as it rises and falls, explodes and lies dormant. No more turning my energy outwards. No. For now, I am my own Lover.

Astrology chat with Glenne Clifford about the Eclipses

Please enjoy the eclipse chat with the lovely Glenne Clifford from Astro Angel Insights.

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