What beauty is teaching me on the path back to myself.

Grab a cuppa and sit with me as we discuss beauty- this deep, spacious, connected, gentle, life changing, grace alluring beauty! Oh, I am having a love affair with this… We discuss conditioning as a way to prevent our connection to grace, simple practices that you can come up with to create more space in your life for this connection to beauty, and surrendering to open to the channel that best serves you….

May this serve in some way…

Thank you for being here, my friends..

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Featured image by Freydon Rassouli

Tea as a way to Hold us, to Bring Awareness to Ourselves, to Connect us to Our Timeless Wisdom

This is a podcast that I decided to turn into a live on my Facebook page Timeless Tea as I was broadcasting. Please do join this page if you haven’t already! I couldn’t not speak about the importance of using this as a tool to deepen into ourselves despite the chaos. I hope this serves in some way… 

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Snake Goddess, Serpent Wisdom and a Time to Get rid of our Fear

This was initially recorded in my small Facebook group as a Live. In it I retell a story of my childhood with snakes. It goes into now is the time for serpent wisdom- and we can choose to open to it, or to remain as we are. It is unfortunate that our culture is in fear of snakes and teachings from it. They are symbolic of the mystical kundalini experience we can have. They are symbolic of the ancient feminine. They are symbolic of our senses beyond the 5 we typically use. Both ancient and mystical- they hold so much of the unknown within them. Perhaps a little more curiosity, rather than fear could be applied to these animals….

May this serve in some way…

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The image comes from the preserved ancient city of Pompeii

Feminine Sexual Energy and Trusting the Expression of it in the World!

Here’s my new podcast. Please do have a listen if it resonates. Key is to learn to trust the divine feminine shakti running through us- discussing why it’s so important to have our own divine masculine to rise to aid in our authentic expression of the feminine out in the world. So much healing, divinity and restored equal divine love can come of this trust and expression of the feminine- both within and also we will see it start to change around us as well. It’s time to step up.

Here’s the link:

Art featured: Elna Ray

Tools to Use on the Path of Knowing Thyself

In this podcast I speak about the perspective of seeing the karma, the triggers, the family patterns we experience in our life as tools to knowing ourselves deeper and with more compassion. Giving ourselves something to sink our teeth into whilst on the path of evolution, and knowing ourselves. As Rumi puts it, “The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” By knowing ourselves, we learn the sacred mysteries of the universe and embody it in our lives….


From the Temple of Dendera

How Men/ Masculine can Support the Feminine Evolution


This is the very first episode where I have a candid and truth-filled conversation with my husband, Tony around his feelings whilst I stepped into the unknown mysteries of my path to knowing myself. Discussed is how he moved with the changes the relationship experienced! This is great to listen to for both women on their awakening path and for their partners supporting it- and also some pointers on how our men/ masculine can find their first steps onto their path.

Points summarized for our Masculine partners from Tony:
1. Give space for her- it’s worth it
2. Enjoy the time of being at home
3. Find a unique way to be still, to connect into yourself
4. Change is inevitable- move with it!

Resources shared in podcast:

Art: Daniel Holeman