Your tongue was the tongue of the divine…

The ink running from the pen- your passion…

May we feel the supreme musician within…

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Application

Thoth and the Seven Hermetic Principles….

The masculine energy is thought, is holding or creating gorgeous guidelines, and protection, and provides a framework of principles that are open to interpretation and application of the universal laws of truth, love and evolution…. The feminine is the energy or shakti, is opening to connection, is the passionate energy which fuels the focused consciousness of the masculine direct application. The feminine practices of embodying the energy and connecting through the soul heart, becoming one with Self, other, and creation itself (there is no difference).

Re- creating, or reconstructing Self after each inevitable spiritual death on the path of growth, shedding our previous outdated perceptions of the world around us, shedding each layer of conditioning which has blocked our heart space and other central energetic systems within our body from being open…. This aides in the ultimate; of becoming whole within Self!! Being able to connect and be in union with Self whilst expanding and illuminating our body, soul, and mind with the mysteries of the universal energy/ God/ divinity. Not in a way to escape our lives, but in a way to truly embody the deeply hidden mysteries that have long since been hidden and are now being re-birthed, and remembered in the world.

The Emerald tablet is a transmission of shakti- Emerald stone is the renowned stone of the ancient priestess. The shakti is the feminine. In other words, the feminine is the energy. The Seven Hermetic Principles are the masculine, providing framework to the transmissions and conscious holding for the ultimate embodiment of the energetic truths. This then allows for the two to work in sacred union- masculine and feminine, as the 7th Hermetic principle goes into for evolved consciousness.

So, the seven Hermetic Principles are said to exist on another plane of existence, same as the Emerald Tablet. The transcribed and translated principles are here:

Source: The modern Alchemist

They are not something to read and just go, yep, got it. They are something to apply to your life, something to keep as a working document, something that cries out to be incorporated as a tool to keep the ego/ brain in service to the energy of the soul and it’s evolution on this earth.

It is time to learn the principles- there are seven. Know how they interact within the body with the chakras. Practice consciousness daily to see how examples are experienced in life and apply them immediately for that deep wisdom to be within the mind. But this is only part of the path of wisdom. There is the other half which is the energy that requires to be embodied within the person applying the principles. The juice and deep connection to above and below- instead of seeing a building and seeing how above and below are connected with that building from the first floor to the eleventh floor, which is great to do, but lacks energy! Instead, the invitation is there to feel the energy of the solar system and how that feels in the body and we feel the energy of the Earth and how that feels in the body. As above, so below- we are the conduits walking both in sacred union, balanced and sacred. The healthy ego in service to the divine energy that flows through us, connected to source, and very present to our lives however we choose to live them…..

As Rumi said, “Stop acting so small…. you are the Universe in ecstatic motion…..”

Art by Thomas Dodd
Written by Elise Heyward

Reclaiming the Integrity of Being a ‘Witch’

Something to ponder….

What is a ‘witch’? Where is the truth in this? Is it supposed to LOOK a certain way? BE a certain way?

Is a witch not simply a woman living in her authenticity, living fully, HER OWN WAY? A woman who disregards the ‘rules’ and obligations of the society in which she finds herself? With the living, breathing beauty of ancient myths pulsing through her veins, merging the polar opposites found in everything, and not fitting into any preconceived notion?

The term ‘witch’ has been derogatory for too long!! Let’s reclaim the ‘witch’ and open it to mean ‘wise one’. To do this, we need to trace back where we, yes we, perhaps misused our powers in ways that didn’t exactly assist people on their paths… used them out of greed, jealousy, desire. Now is the time to rise up within self… to own our own SHIT! Be clean, be honest, really put ourselves to the test and have the courage to see our shadows and smell our own stench.

You will not unlock all of your gifts unless you face ALL of this.

Furthermore, I can’t hold back any longer! Too often the modern-day ‘witch’ is so far off the mark – full of rebellion, ego, “magic” that the mind conjures up. This is surface-level shit, attached to the term ‘witch’ and what we’ve been TOLD it should LOOK like.

Where is the authenticity? The honouring, clearing, being in service to and authentically birthing truth of the wise woman in a dying world. We have a responsibility! Heed it and live in freedom, in love, in power, and shift the entire consciousness of the world around you….

Art by Lily Moses
Written by Elise Heyward

To The Battling Warrior

I Bow to You….

To the warrior with built up walls and thick skin

I bow to you

To the warrior reluctant to love, encased with Armour

I bow to you

To the Warrior who is restless and aimless

I bow to you

To the warrior who needs to be rigid- for now

I bow to you

To the warrior who is frustrated and fed up

I bow to you

For the Warrior who cannot fight anymore

I love you….

There is a divine timing to this unraveling….
No shame or judgement
Around whatever is needed now.
Just a beautiful knowing
That it’s all as it should be….
Let this be a message
For any tired warrior out there-
Get back up, and take this as your sign
Keep going... Gently pick yourself up...
Your life is waiting for you...

I bow to you.

Heart opening meditation offering :

Sacred Union For Radical Change

On my knees- heart open and spinning, tears in my eyes
Feeling so much….

I ask the energy I feel within and surrounding me:-
How can I serve from this place?
When all I have are my eyes, my hands, my voice, my body…
Something has to change!
I feel this is beyond me…
I surrender……

Infuse me with your grace….
Let me serve from this place.

So my ego cannot fathom the work that comes of our unity

Oh, let me surrender to this.

Let me birth this into the world…

Let me be humbled and reminded of my power in service

Let me serve from the highest place, from the deepest space of wisdom

Let divinity flow through and remove me from this:
Let my eyes be the eyes of divinity…..
Let my voice be the voice of divinity…
Let my hands be the hands of divinity….
Let my body be the body of divine love and grace….

I surrender this over. I open my channel- may you swirl your ancient wisdom

I ask for the courage to stand in truth.
Courage to Act on the inner knowings that tell me to ‘let go’.
Courage to allow sacredness to move how it wishes.
Courage to trust, stay open, supple and loving,
And serve from this place.  

For to stay in this world witnessing the lack of sacredness
And NOT step out of the way for the divine to flow through
Deeply hurts and is not living in my own truth-

To create space for a wave of radical change….

Author: Elise Heyward
Artist: Brenda Burke

I Am Not Alone…

Oh, let me feel this fire burn in my body once more….

Let me feel my own heat rise within….

Electrifying all of me as I move in sacred rhythm


My soul…

Breathing the fire from the buried depths

I open, I surrender… My body flows and moves
Some pain arrives and goes,

I am not alone….

And I feel the movement of other women
In this still, paused moment in time-
Like the pause between breaths…
In sacred, sacred circle

I am this, here….this energy….
As are they- we, all are suspended together

The vortex/ our vortex spins
Transmuting that which transmutes within us

Out into the world…somehow….this deep work is felt

I am not alone….

In sacred circle we move as one

Though are dispersed throughout the world

Time and distance shall not weary us
Shall not restrict us from our truth, our birthright,
Our authentic innate nature

I am not alone…

And there again- that paused moment that melts into us

That touch of divinity that softens, enlivens, awakens,
And touches all of the jagged edges of my being
Brings up all that isn’t serving
Cracks through that which is not truth

I breathe, knowing others are breathing with me-

Though I cannot see them. I feel them.

I feel them edging, as I edge, toward truth-
Their truth-

Suspended in time- for there is no time

Just this burning truth within me

But it’s nice to know….

I am not alone…


~ Art Credit: Izabela Ewa Oldak

I Give Myself Over

I give myself over….

If I am to feel in love in a moment, 
A day, a month,
A lifetime…
With a heart so open and vulnerable

Then let it be so

If I am to have my heart break and reform continuously

Then let it be so

If I am to let go of attachments-  turning them over

Then let it be so

If I am to forgo conditioning of a lifetime
And the pain that brings

Then let it be so….

I give myself over ~

I give myself over ~

I give myself over ~

In love deeply with the mysteries
Which infuse my being so deeply-
So delicately, so tenderly…
Cradling and loving my fears…

With all the courage I can muster,
In this human fragility
In all of my imperfections…

Humbly, softly, and perhaps a little messily

I kneel….

I surrender

To this path, to myself, to the divine
And to All it shall bring.…

Yes…. Just yes…

I just surrender…

Art credit: Freydon Rassouli ~ ‘Surrender’

The Warrioress

The Warrioress


Coming from a place of divinity,

The Warrioress is here to be claimed.
Deeply honouring and protecting our worldly natural rhythms

With fierce love, grace and passion.

She will not be corrupted, nor manipulated.

Standing as a tall tree, bending and moving in the blowing gale. 


With the faith that what She is here for is valuable.

Whatever that may be.


Knowing that She will stand with others,
helping them plant their roots and reach upward,

with flexibility and strength,
but not the need for reward.


No matter the adversity

Nor the pain that penetrates a constantly open, soft heart
In a world of despair, harsh power distortions, disappointment and greed.


Staying supple,

Fueled with compassion,

and lovingly connected,

Yet firm in her standing.

Present to everything NOW.


Grounded, yet connected.
Focused, yet opened to her shakti.


Let her dance…


Oh, let her protect you gently with a loving connected hug.
Let her hold you in your deepening and opening to feel it All,
With the courage to be tested and pushed into the unknown…


She kneels humbly before adversity,

Allowing for insights,
Opening to truth,

Even if great pain is the only result.


So connected to the heart that a fire burns fiercely,
While a penetrating heaviness resides in body and mind.
She no longer relies on the breath of others to inflate her courage.
Her fire burns self-sufficiently.

She was sent to break thousands of years of brainwashing.
Her love permeates as She gently but fiercely says “No”.

She enfolds with a loving embrace.

This Warrioress is called upon now.


Can you claim her within yourself?
Can you stand in your courage as your heart breaks and fear arises?

When your knees tremble and you see hate in the eyes of another?
Can you continue to love openly, unwaveringly, grace-filled, with great fluidity?
Can you be that Warrior of Love, a beacon of light now?

Written by Elise Heyward
Art by Simon Goinard