Elise brings a wealth of life experience to her work as a facilitator, teacher, coach and writer. She was a Police Officer for 11 years, found her path take a dramatic turn once her two children entered the world. From there, she discovered energy work and never looked back. She discovered a natural affinity with herbs and plants and created her businesses Timeless Tea and Yoni Brew which are still operating now. Later, Elise entered the world of merging the mystic with this world we find ourselves in. This was a labour of love, being mentored closely by one of the worlds leading teachers and facilitators, Sabrina Lynn of ReWilding for Women. Elise learnt a dynamic way to facilitate and stay connected with flow which she brings with her as she guides, facilitates and teaches through meditation, and sacred astrology embodiment. Upon completion of the mentorship, Elise immersed herself deeper into her Meditation studies and obtained certification under the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness to learn how to teach over fifty different meditation techniques to a variety of different students. Grounded in her approach, Elise teaches beginners and experienced and everyone in between on merging the mysteries with our life to live our fullest most authentic life possible.