A New Way of Being in Partnership

The Important Space In between

The unknown weaves itself within the seemingly empty space

Poised within that moment

Where energy is potent, fills the space

And all senses, although heightened

Are no longer needed for this mystical moment

Presented again, and again is the edge of your sanity….

The edge of your reason, the edge of where you have been before

Presented before you is the Cliff to jump off-

Into the deep unknown, into a love that is beyond all human conditioning

Into a love that sets you free

Into a love with no walls 

Into a love that awakens, enlivens, and has no promise of a HollyWood ending…

The purest of all love- the path that beckons. 

A path that once stepped upon touches the yearning ache within the soul
And feeds it with love, fuels it with passion and weaves light through this union 

For those called, nothing else will satisfy the soul as much 

As the potency of opposites merging. And revealing all as One. 

That everything is connected….
Bridging all previously known separations, all within the powerful silence
and potency of the space existing between two people on the path 

Of self realisation. Of truth. Blowing up all life that existed before
Daring to step into truth beyond the restrictions of conditioning and the mind
And into both a devastatingly and ecstatic path of undying devotion and a love that is beyond this world. And beyond all expectations that existed before…

Welcome to the new Sacred Marriage. It’s time to move beyond religious dogma 

And forge a new way of working in partnership. 

All my love,

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