I am in Awe of The Masculine

Somehow, we lost our way.
Somehow, we lost sight of the essence of the masculine
Today I saw it, the offering, the confidence, the magic
And it touched me deeply… so deeply….
I feel both masculine and feminine so intimately within….
Both are potent, powerful and beautiful….
With tears in my eyes, I saw how the young men worked on my home.
Sculpting, meticulously working with ease and pride of their work…
Rebuilding the ceiling, giving it form, providing shelter…
In this moment, I can reflect on all that has been built.
The beautiful sculpted architecture brought to life.
The abstract brought into form.
I am in awe and in love. Thank you…
To the masculine energy within us all-
To the masculine energy in our men;
thank you, thank you, thank you.
I forgive you from your misguided ways.
I hope you forgive me for mine…
I open to working in balanced co-creation…
It’s time to create a healthy new paradigm, together.

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