Musings on Surrender, Openness and Courage

So often I have heard the words ‘let go’ and ‘surrender’…. but how often, I contemplated, do I truly, sincerely do this? How often do I stop searching, stop reaching for, and find myself ‘here’. Exactly where I need to be at the correct time. I have realised in my life, that there is a learning of letting go. A learning of stepping into the unknown without a map of how I am going to get on. Without being able to see. When I am in fear, and contracting so far away from the excitement of what may be around the corner and trusting that I have learnt the skills to be able to deal with it, then everything stands still. My openness to live life and enjoy the twists and turns reduces or becomes numb. And there it is I wallow in despair until I feel that soul essence within me once more. Until I feel the gorgeous alignments playing out. Until I feel the faith instil in me again, feeling truth and being courageous to step. This, this is the time to step, step into life fully. My mother keeps saying to me when she sees me, “I gave you life to LIVE, Elise.” I love that. There isn’t much advice I swallow from her anymore, but this cracks my heart open every time I hear it. And, heck, I’m going to back myself and do it.
How about you?

I can feel the breeze at my back, the warmth in my heart and a thousand dreams ready to be plucked from the spaces in between and embodied. I know I am not alone in this. If I am in this wave of energy, then I know others are too. So many are stepping out into the unknown. Trusting in themselves. Ready to learn what needs to be learnt. Courageously open and supple in this world we find ourselves in. It is you I salute. It is you that I honour and in you I am connected.

To love, to openness, to courage.

‘Surrender’ by Karen Kosky

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