Poem: Truth, Crazy Truth In Chaos and Unravelling

I don’t want to be hard

In this chaos and thunder

I want to be as fluid as a rolling river

As graceful as a blue wren bird poised in marshland

Instead I feel like a rolling wave dumping unceremoniously onto the shore

Blowing the smitherines all that is around and everyone on the sand…….

No one’s perfect, nothing screams putrid more than the one who pretends-

Who gently brushes off the truth and listens to the mind that says ‘don’t hurt others’

When the body screams the truth over and over again- turning into anxiety and physical pain.

So, here’s to a smashing good time. Here’s to truth and all it has for Us.

I pray for humbleness in the colliding,

Openness and softness for direction and guidance,

Trusting in the new direction in this crazy truth in chaos unravelling…

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