You are a Powerful Woman

So you have more cellulite and carry more weight than before, and your skin may be losing its elasticity and wrinkles may form. Your eyes may be sunken and bags beneath your eyes become darker. And outer influences pressure you on how you should look, parent, and be in relationship… How a woman should look like in the world, but it falls short…. What about how we should ‘be’ in the world. So we try, try to keep up appearances, smile despite screaming on the inside, take on more than we can handle, feel guilty when we want to do something for ourselves. There is something more…. If only you could see the gaze from your eyes and the power they now hold- the essence and the power of a woman that says ‘I know myself and I see things as they are’. The power of a woman that is prepared to have her heart broken to see truth. The power of a woman who is so vulnerable because she knows it to be pure strength bringing suppleness, opening her connection to All….. The power of a woman who accepts things as they are first, really feels everything…. And then, with openness, with compassion she steps up and allows the energy within to guide her as she surrenders over to becoming a channel of grace that is so needed now in this world. The power of a woman can connect tribes, can love barriers and bring them down, can nourish those who thirst for more by her mere presence and embodiment of that ‘more’ directing them back to themselves, can heal old wounds which never have a chance to scab and become a scar by simply witnessing, loving and validating them all. The power of a woman is needed, do not forget that. So please, cellulite may be present, wrinkles, saggy skin, bags underneath the eyes, please remember one thing: You are a powerful woman, we need more of THAT in the world.

With all my love and loads of hope,

Featured art by Lisa Royal

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