Finding Inspiration in Everything

Part of the path is honouring your sovereignty, respecting and loving yourself. This is key to also finding inspiration whilst on the path to aide with impetus and staying true to Self. Knowing that there is no wrong decision or wrong path, by opening up and being experimental and curious, we have in our hands the means to obtains inspiration from everything that comes into our consciousness.

Even what could be perceived as negative experiences in our lives carry with us a chance to be tested. A chance to inquire deeply within. A chance to rise when something knocks the wind from out of us. Whatever it is, however we perceive it, if we keep our attention on lessons, on feeling for truth, on curiosity and exploration, then we can enter any given situation without the heaviness of a story, or shifting our focus to what we don’t have instead of being inspired.

I remember a sparring partner of mine in Karate almost loved being out maneuvered by myself or another opponent. I could never understand why. Until he explained that every time he was put on his butt he learnt very quickly what not to do. Each failure in a move, taught him and inspired him to go a different way. It created more adaptability in his approach. This was a very mature approach to sparring, and greatly excelled his skills and abilities. Now, some fifteen years after this conversation I had with my sparring partner, I am now applying this to life. No matter the knock downs, learn from them. Learn to take away what lessons there are without beating up on yourself. Stay open and humble to receive this information- even if it hurts the ego. Stay open. Learn. Apply. Learn. Be adaptable. Learn. Open. Learn. This builds the inner fire inside which burns for learning, for hope, for trusting the path beyond the human ego restraints. It burns away doubt and outside energy residue that lies within your system. This is not easy, but it is a path.  By doing this we can create a beautiful way to enhance our healthy self esteem. No matter what outsiders say, we can feel the alignment. No matter the knock down faced,  we can stay true to our soul path, and maybe, if we are lucky, we may even stumble upon our soul purpose and get out there and create from this place- making a difference in the world.

All my love,

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