Snake Goddess, Serpent Wisdom and a Time to Get rid of our Fear

This was initially recorded in my small Facebook group as a Live. In it I retell a story of my childhood with snakes. It goes into now is the time for serpent wisdom- and we can choose to open to it, or to remain as we are. It is unfortunate that our culture is in fear of snakes and teachings from it. They are symbolic of the mystical kundalini experience we can have. They are symbolic of the ancient feminine. They are symbolic of our senses beyond the 5 we typically use. Both ancient and mystical- they hold so much of the unknown within them. Perhaps a little more curiosity, rather than fear could be applied to these animals….

May this serve in some way…

Thank you so much for listening, my friends.

With love,


The image comes from the preserved ancient city of Pompeii

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