Soul Chats! I Speak With Belinda Scales About Creating Business from the Feminine and MORE!!

This was completely unscripted and absolutely manifested! I have been wondering who I was going to have as a guest here. I was waiting for some weaving to take place and trusted in the divine timing of it. Belinda called me in relation to something else, but we ended up connecting over the age of 10! There’s so much more that unravelled, including the message I got as in I lost my connection to the mysteries at the age of 10, something happened. And She had just read this in a book she is reading- and she ended up reading that part of the book, it was so good that we just needed to start to record our conversation. So, bare with the umms…. and the natural pauses, and join us with a cuppa. Let’s connect and walk each other home….

Lots of love 

P.S. Let’s continue the conversation! To connect with Belinda, join my Facebook group of which she is a founding member, ‘Surrender to your Soul’- link is below. She is still establishing her business online. We will have her back to promote her stuff in the upcoming months! 

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