How We Can Support Each Other

Let’s stop. Breathe. Feel. Sink into ourselves, following that amazing life giving breath as it circulates within our body. MMMMmmmm….. I love taking a moment……

I was reflecting on how we can support each other in our evolution on our path of ‘coming back home’, which to me feels like it is in fast forward at the moment. For those who choose inner growth during this time there seems to be an added little ‘oomph’ of energy and clear direction at this time. It almost feels like the moment when surrendering deeply to the unknown and trusting the process happens within our Being that we are given clear direction- almost an order from divinity within this gorgeous connection. Though one step might only be given, trusting to step into this ‘gut feel’, image of direction you cannot shake, feel to contact a friend, feel to stay and be still, feel to go…. whatever and however it shows up, how prepared are you to take the first step or action or inaction you know does not come from you?

For me, I found that a soul friend just as devoted as I am to truth- no matter how uncomfortable, helped me to stay true to these constant hits. She witnessed the small Self stuff, and heard my confessions or things that lay heavy in my system, without judgement… just love of the humanness in me, and the divine- holding both equally with love. Something magical happens when we can witness each other without judgement- but lovingly hold the space for the other person to have his or her self realisation or ‘ah-ha’ moments and deepen their wisdom of themselves. Bloody superb!! When I am being witnessed in this open way, I can feel what is truth for me, and say these truths without concern for any outcome. Just truth in the moment….Mmmmmm such freedom….There is no higher vibration than truth, even if it’s a horrible thing- if it’s truth it has a gorgeous vibration to it that has transformational abilities in our life. What a gift.

Let me tell you how this effected me:

This resulted in a new direction for me personally, a new course for my life, and a curiosity of how my work in the world is organically unfolding- amusing me how I am called to work in sacred space, and even more at the fact that it is transforming into something I definitely did not plan, nor want! But, follow this amazing feeling of such love that it makes my eyes weep for the grace it encumbers, I will. I did, after all, offer myself in service, awaiting direction where I am to go next and, what I didn’t realise was the openness it gives us in this humble state of surrender to new soul gifts. Further to this, because they were obtained or given in this high vibration of surrender, they are meant to be FOR the collective or members of it. So, this means for me, no hiding and opening up my throat chakra for the divine to come through the way it soever wishes. I am not to cause kinks within the channel by hiding whatever song needs to come through for whoever is near during whatever I am doing!!

But, that’s me. What does this mean for you?

  • Are you being invited to unravel new gifts given to you by the divine/ God/ Universe?
  • Are you being asked to trust and step up now?
  • Do you feel you need to be seen in this?
  • Does it feel right to reach out to someone you trust to talk to them?
  • Are you being asked to support or hold space for others who are needing to be witnessed, aiding in getting rid of that which is in the way of the ‘flow of the divine’ in that other person who comes to you for witness or confession.
  • Tip for space holders or witnesses:- If you are holding space for the person, look within you and ask- ‘how clean am I able to hold this space’? ‘Do I have something else motivating me to talk to this person?- almost like a what’s in it for me feel. If you do feel like there is something there- that’s ok, just make sure the other person knows it is there and speak the truth. It lifts the vibration of you and enables you to be a clearer witness, in service to the soul of the person who entrusts you with their share.

Sending love during this time. Have faith. You got this!


Featured image by Krystleyez

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