The Dark Night of the Soul/Ego With Shiva- God of Destruction

The Dark night of the soul or the Dark Night of the Ego, is a process we go through whilst on the evolutionary path to know truth, or the spiritual path. This morning, when I was in the midst of my Dark Night of the Ego, I could feel something that needed to be typed out. I knew another angle of this ‘Dark Night’ needed to come through. What came through was to explain it from the point of view of Shiva- God of Consciousness and Destruction from the Indian Pantheon and to use this ancient myth to directly apply it to our lives.

Shiva is known for his cosmic dance- a beautiful, fierce, grace filled destructive dance, in service to universal truth- destroying that which holds our consciousness back, or keeps us small in our lives. It is a blessing, this time in our lives, not a curse. It puts us on track, destroys or takes away those things that do not align.

Before rebirth in our lives, before creating from that ultimate soul connected place, Shiva dances his cosmic dance of the universe. He shows the areas of our lives that no longer fit and need to be cut out of our lives- to be more aligned to our soul and its imprint within us we were born with.

In this process he brings everything from your life up with dust and in a flurry. And then, as the storm subsides, that which no longer fits in your life anymore has turned to dust and floats gracefully to the floor. This is the moment of sinking to your knees, not bracing, nor holding onto that which is no longer in form in your life- or no longer animated in energy. It is dead. But with this awareness of the cosmic dance, comes the wisdom that this isn’t happening ‘to you’, it is happening ‘for you’ (Robert O’hotto). This is a time when the opportunity to see the destruction as a way to grow through, to be both witness and participant in your life, to overcome this with wisdom of yourself instead of victimhood mentality, or thinking ‘this is the way it is’. No, this is transformation. This shit is real.

This dance is the destruction from the heights of soul alignment- so high it is aligned with God, to consciousness itself. Some things remain to be picked up in the settling dust, and some things have simply dissolved into that dust- where there is nothing left for your soul, and for this to remain would simply hurt yourself and others involved. You know this time because the whole energetic system within your body shifts away from this person, place or thing. It is as if it has died- at least energetically. And you can still be open and loving, not blocking and protecting. It’s just time, and you know it. It’s just time… This is the call of the soul. All that is needed is a heart felt ‘yes’. The cosmic dance takes care of the rest. Boom- Job gone.

Boom- relationship gone.

Boom- money gone.

Boom- death in the family.

Boom- car gone.

What is left? Where does one look? Within. And look to the sacred, the mystical truths, because THAT is all that is left…. That’s where we look. Broken, honest, humbled, prepared to start again…. Integrity paths the way. No longer searching or striving, but listening, flowing and trusting. Vulnerable and powerful, accepting all of your strengths and weaknesses and everything that makes you unique on this path we call life. We sit in this and trust.

This is the destruction within your life for the highest good during this time. When Shiva dances- he dances with the rhythm of the universe and WITH the encryption of your soul. And when this beats through every layer within you- and every layer outside of you in your life around you as you go about your day, know that you are not alone. Know that you are stepping into your aligned life that you have been waiting and praying for, and that others are doing the same. Let’s help to walk each other home.

To the truth in you, the truth in me and the alignment of the truth in it All…

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul. One becomes enlightened by making the darkness conscious.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Featured art- “The Dark Night of the Soul” by Jamie Samul.

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