Parenting and Being on the Journey- Talk and Simple Practices to Help with Alignment

This is dear to my heart! Not just for parents, this can also be applied to Self and stying in alignment with whatever is happening in your life circumstance! Being a Mum has had its interesting moments whilst journeying deeper into the mysteries and knowing myself on a deeper level! In this podcast I offer tips that I wish someone would have given me when I started to dive into myself deeply- to help stay true to what’s happening inside AND still be connected to our children. In this sacred union within- bringing masculine structure (from within) to support Self on the journey, AND feeling that feminine connection and embodiment and FEELING as we move through roles and responsibilities and sometimes chaos! It’s truly giving ourselves the permission we need to continue on this amazing path- not disconnected but lovingly connected- with healthy boundaries and support to bloody go for it in whatever situation you find yourself in!

If you are interested in coming and being in sacred circle with me do please check out to see what’s going on!!

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