Ancestral Work and Reclaiming Divine Worship

Nestled deep in our ancestral line lurks fear in the individualized choice of worship of the divine. Pressure to conform to the ‘tribal choice’ existed thousands of years ago, and still does today. Many wars have arisen because of this ultimate rule over power and an immature, or unevolved approach to divine worship. This holds no space for a person to worship freely what their soul desires and requires as they open deeper and deeper and continue to gain higher and higher levels of consciousness on their journey that we call life.

In our life we have many words that have been adopted and used as propaganda against those who wish to stand up swim against the grain of the norm in society. The reclamation of our very right to follow that which sings to our soul, which lights us up, which connects us to something greater than ourselves, yet also connects us to that which is unique within us, without the finger pointing ‘witch hunt’ that is so present today and has its roots deeply buried within the constructs of society as we know it- the ‘word bomb’ or powerful fearful energy behind the word ‘Cult’.

Many are conscious of the witch wound within the collective. It is essentially the feminine line within us that holds magic, esoteric gifts, and energetic connection, rhythm, flow, seasons, honouring women’s moon cycles or blood cycles, the ancient art of midwifery, and much, much more including the worship of the divine via embodiment. It’s a line that needs space to exist and flow. It’s more intangible, and is life force itself. It’s a healing opposite of the masculine when the two co exist within ourselves and in the collective in a balanced way. The masculine line is rational, logical, physical and more tangible energy, is often linked to monetisation and has had dominance over the nearly extinct full expression of the feminine energy ‘line’. The feminine ‘line’- especially the powerful esoteric nature of it, has been suppressed over thousands of years and thus in its place has grown a huge bleeding wound, which many women are leading the way and healing within themselves right now through the feminine ‘line’, combining esoteric energetic cleansing practices with the masculine reflection to consciously bring about change within themselves, within their family ancestry and within the collective. By doing so they are ultimately diffusing the ‘word bomb’ of witch in the collective.

There is something that hits both the masculine and the feminine line EQUALLY:-  The inability to worship the divine outside of the norm in society without being labelled as being in a cult. This needs to be flushed out. There is still a gaping wound linked to ‘witch hunts’- anything esoteric practiced in the past there was a threat of being killed, and a real fear of authorities who were employed to uphold that which was accepted to be the practice or religion during the time. In both men and women. The very creation of the Tarot cards was born out of the need to keep the DIRECT connection to the divine (without the use of a priest) secret, appearing as a game they were playing in order to not raise suspicion from authorities. This is trapped in our DNA, our ancestral line, our family patterning.

If we look at our family patterns we can see the authority figures. I have many friends, myself and my husband included, who have been accused of being in a part of a cult, or jokingly accused of it. If there is no logical explanation, or if it is too different from the norm, that label is attached. Makes no difference. If reclamation is what we are talking about, then it’s time to diffuse the ‘word bomb’, the negative connotation this ‘cult’ word has taken on. It’s time to reclaim our soul- filled authentic nature and f***k off outside fears to now shed this layer of ‘skin’ for our evolution and the evolution of the collective.

The word ‘cult’ actually came from the 17th century from the French word created from the Latin noun cultus (worship). So the word came from the Latin cultus- which means to worship, which was based on the verb colere- which means to care or cultivate (Wikipedia)! Interesting the energy behind the word- having an evil connotation to it today.

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“This work is needed now to break the shackles of thousands of years of oppression keeping us within the confines of a low level of consciousness- or the same level of consciousness.”

If there was one thing to be taken out of this piece, it would be this: Anyone who takes the path less travelled, who dares to follow their inner devotion to what resonates with them for their higher development and best possible life, go for it. Do not be afraid of being deemed you are in a cult. This work is needed now to break the shackles of thousands of years of oppression keeping us within the confines of a low level of consciousness- or the same level of consciousness we’ve been in for a long time. There is more, much more….. You are limitless with limitless potential. We all are, we just need to reclaim that. So, continue your devotion to whatever it is. Or really jump into that which you have been dipping your toe into, for fear of being different or that tricky hidden ancestral fear that keeps you aligned to something that perhaps doesn’t fit in your life anymore. The world needs more divine connection, more energy, more passion, more joy, more bloody LOVE! Enough with the fear! Enough with the propaganda. Let’s just bloody live!

So, cult you say? Sure, whatever. I prefer to call it the path of truth, of connection, of really sinking my teeth into knowing myself while I walk this earth for such a short period of time. It’s time to challenge the confines within Self once again. It’s time to reclaim the right of divine worship however fits our unique soul imprint. It’s time to step into healing our ancestral lineage of this outdated fear. 

Art by Lane Brown

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