A Call for Courage!

This is an episode where I share about courage and hopefully inspire you to dare to trust yourself that little deeper, to try something again, to get back up from a knock down, to step into a new beginning…. whatever the situation you find yourself in, to try, to get in there and trust! 
I typed a piece of writing about courage and it was from this that the podcast was based. Here it is:-

It takes courage to Walk a Spiritual Path 

Courage to be willing to stand alone. 

Courage to feel everything- good, bad, pain, love. 

Courage to remain open despite feeling so much. 

Courage to find the supports despite pride that wants to do it all alone.

Courage to try something and let go of the outcome of whether it ‘works or not’, 

Courage to lend a hand despite never gaining that help back. 

Courage to risk being judged, but feeling that radiance and doing it anyway.

Courage to have faith in the ripple effect of the work you are doing in the world. 

Courage to soften the heart instead of hardening it when we get hurt or when in grieving. 

Courage to have empathy. 

Courage to love without attachment to being loved in return. Just loving…. 

Courage to speak the fucking truth, even if it means others may judge us, or we don’t fit in.

Courage to say no when obligations say yes. 

Courage to step into sacred connections. 

Courage to open to intimacy beyond anything ever previously experienced. 

Courage to step into the unknown. 

Courage to fall and get back up over and over again. 

Courage to be your authentic expression in the world. 

Courage to be different than anyone else:- 

We were born for now. Own it. Love the hell out of your path and yourself.

Written by Elise Heyward
Image by Katie Litchfield


I wish you courage to continue the walk. Keep going….

With love,

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