Reclaiming the Integrity of Being a ‘Witch’

Something to ponder….

What is a ‘witch’? Where is the truth in this? Is it supposed to LOOK a certain way? BE a certain way?

Is a witch not simply a woman living in her authenticity, living fully, HER OWN WAY? A woman who disregards the ‘rules’ and obligations of the society in which she finds herself? With the living, breathing beauty of ancient myths pulsing through her veins, merging the polar opposites found in everything, and not fitting into any preconceived notion?

The term ‘witch’ has been derogatory for too long!! Let’s reclaim the ‘witch’ and open it to mean ‘wise one’. To do this, we need to trace back where we, yes we, perhaps misused our powers in ways that didn’t exactly assist people on their paths… used them out of greed, jealousy, desire. Now is the time to rise up within self… to own our own SHIT! Be clean, be honest, really put ourselves to the test and have the courage to see our shadows and smell our own stench.

You will not unlock all of your gifts unless you face ALL of this.

Furthermore, I can’t hold back any longer! Too often the modern-day ‘witch’ is so far off the mark – full of rebellion, ego, “magic” that the mind conjures up. This is surface-level shit, attached to the term ‘witch’ and what we’ve been TOLD it should LOOK like.

Where is the authenticity? The honouring, clearing, being in service to and authentically birthing truth of the wise woman in a dying world. We have a responsibility! Heed it and live in freedom, in love, in power, and shift the entire consciousness of the world around you….

Art by Lily Moses
Written by Elise Heyward

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