Ancient Wisdom for Modern Application

Thoth and the Seven Hermetic Principles….

The masculine energy is thought, is holding or creating gorgeous guidelines, and protection, and provides a framework of principles that are open to interpretation and application of the universal laws of truth, love and evolution…. The feminine is the energy or shakti, is opening to connection, is the passionate energy which fuels the focused consciousness of the masculine direct application. The feminine practices of embodying the energy and connecting through the soul heart, becoming one with Self, other, and creation itself (there is no difference).

Re- creating, or reconstructing Self after each inevitable spiritual death on the path of growth, shedding our previous outdated perceptions of the world around us, shedding each layer of conditioning which has blocked our heart space and other central energetic systems within our body from being open…. This aides in the ultimate; of becoming whole within Self!! Being able to connect and be in union with Self whilst expanding and illuminating our body, soul, and mind with the mysteries of the universal energy/ God/ divinity. Not in a way to escape our lives, but in a way to truly embody the deeply hidden mysteries that have long since been hidden and are now being re-birthed, and remembered in the world.

The Emerald tablet is a transmission of shakti- Emerald stone is the renowned stone of the ancient priestess. The shakti is the feminine. In other words, the feminine is the energy. The Seven Hermetic Principles are the masculine, providing framework to the transmissions and conscious holding for the ultimate embodiment of the energetic truths. This then allows for the two to work in sacred union- masculine and feminine, as the 7th Hermetic principle goes into for evolved consciousness.

So, the seven Hermetic Principles are said to exist on another plane of existence, same as the Emerald Tablet. The transcribed and translated principles are here:

Source: The modern Alchemist

They are not something to read and just go, yep, got it. They are something to apply to your life, something to keep as a working document, something that cries out to be incorporated as a tool to keep the ego/ brain in service to the energy of the soul and it’s evolution on this earth.

It is time to learn the principles- there are seven. Know how they interact within the body with the chakras. Practice consciousness daily to see how examples are experienced in life and apply them immediately for that deep wisdom to be within the mind. But this is only part of the path of wisdom. There is the other half which is the energy that requires to be embodied within the person applying the principles. The juice and deep connection to above and below- instead of seeing a building and seeing how above and below are connected with that building from the first floor to the eleventh floor, which is great to do, but lacks energy! Instead, the invitation is there to feel the energy of the solar system and how that feels in the body and we feel the energy of the Earth and how that feels in the body. As above, so below- we are the conduits walking both in sacred union, balanced and sacred. The healthy ego in service to the divine energy that flows through us, connected to source, and very present to our lives however we choose to live them…..

As Rumi said, “Stop acting so small…. you are the Universe in ecstatic motion…..”

Art by Thomas Dodd
Written by Elise Heyward

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