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A Place to Connect, Lift Your Vibration, and Explore Your Truth..... 


Hello, my name is Elise. I created Connection Meditations as a place to come and heal through somatic therapy, to explore and connect to who you are beneath the roles and responsibilities in your life, and to step into your beautiful heart connected power and embody your vibrancy within a group of other like minded women.

Wherever you are along your conscious path- whether at the beginning without much experience or if you are further along the path of getting to know yourself deeply and intimately, let Connection Meditations support you as you go along this amazing path we call life.


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My 'Why' for creating Connection Meditations

Here's the Backstory:-

I felt lost, adrift in an auto pilot world. I was an injured Police Officer afraid of connection with walls so high no one could get in. I didn’t know how to experience life outside of work. I willed my loneliness and pain away. I isolated myself. I disconnected completely from emotions. I thought I was not enough, that I was unloveable. I became numb and gave over my power in my relationship. I was financially illiterate and completely under confident with money. I lacked self worth as a woman to even dare to dream beyond the life that I had, and I was terrified to even question it. I just wanted to hide behind all of my roles and responsibilities- being a wife, a mother, and what I did for a ‘living’.

I was still unhappy despite having everything that society told me I should have to make me happy. I knew somewhere deep inside of me that ‘this isn’t it’. There was something else calling me…… Daring me to connect to ‘it’…And I couldn’t resist the search and the continuing glorious crazy path that followed….

That’s when I started looking for something else to do as a ‘hobby’, I started to thirst for something I couldn’t quite grasp. I came to meditation and embodiment practices ‘by chance’ through a recent connection I had made again ‘by chance’. I met my Mentor and dived into five years of studying Tantra, Shamanism and Astrological Embodiment, which took me into shadow work and eventually opened me to my innate healing abilities, love of facilitating groups, and it upturned my life. I could connect to myself and finally feel.

I gained a fire burning within.

I studied overseas, devoted my time to helping others on starting their journeys of uncovering who they are, I worked on myself (and continue to), I began the process of letting go of who I thought I was…. I have never regretted when I began to open and connect to that part of me that was locked deeply inside, shut down in the dark.… I learnt that there was more to life than making money, my roles and responsibilities. They are still there and important, but there is something else potent beneath. That’s where I got a taste of my truth, connecting and learning more and more who I really am and how I can best live this life I have been given.... And now I feel it is time to extend this to help other women connect to who they really are.

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I am passionate about helping women to see their worth, their power to create amazing connected change within their own lives, and the power they have to lovingly and with connection change the way things are within the world. The ripple effects of this work are huge. It would be an honour to journey with you.
With love,

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